Temptation Tuesday or Doesn’t She Ever Sit Still

One of my knitting friends  pointed out that I keep being tempting by crazy projects and that none of them are on my Year of Projects list.  She has a valid point.  So this week I thought, just for giggles, I’d be tempted by something I already own and that’s already on my YOP List.

Way back in the middle of the frigid winter a little band of knitters drove up to Haliburton to visit our friend and indie dyer Kim a.k.a IndigoDragonFly.  If you’ve never been around  an Indiedyer, and this probably comes no surprise, there is temptation everywhere.  You can’t turn around without seeing something that you love and really must have.  And then because Kim is smart and because she knows that all her friends are vultures she brought giant buckets of yarn to the cottage where we were all staying so we could all shop. (She still talks about being amused by waking up in the morning and realizing that we had all made little piles of yarn all over the “shop” and that we each knew where our stuff was and exactly what was in each pile.)  While I was digging through the yarn I found this.

Super soft and squishy. Named after a FireFly/Serenity character

And I fell in love with it. But I had already acquired a metric  ton  perfectly reasonable pile of yarn and there was only one of these and another knitter wanted it.   Kim pointed out that she could dye two skeins for me and have then ready for pick up at the Knitters Frolic in April.  The project I wanted it for required two skeins and this seemed perfectly reasonable so I agreed to wait until April and went home.  And then I completely forgot about that particular yarn and what I wanted it for.

So April rolled around and in my box from Kim was this yarn.  And because she had dyed it for me I bought it anyway without  knowing what the hell I had actually wanted to do with it.  I asked my BFF, who could remember me ordering it, but also had no idea why.  I asked my husband if he knew why I ordered it and he looked at me very straight-faced and replied “because it’s pretty and you’re weak-willed around pretty yarn?”  Um, yes.  But not really the answer I was looking for.  So there it sat.  Two balls of beautiful yarn with no plan.  I thought about asking Kim but I knew the mocking would be fairly intolerable so I opted not to go that route.

Well, it’s too pretty to sit in my stash for a long time and that’s when my BFF pointed out that she also had two skeins of yarn in the same base but a different colour for a Roam Cardigan.  And then the light went on.  That’s what it wants to be.  It may not be what I bought it for, but since it’s now the end of September and I still don’t know why I ordered it, that’s what it’s going to become.  It’s even been added to my YOP list.

So what’s the moral you ask? I’m not %100 sure but I think it has something to do with occasionally giving in when you otherwise wouldn’t because it will most likely have a happy ending.  Now I just have to resist the ever stronger urge to cast it on because I know that means the Christmas knitting will suffer.  But the yarn keeps getting harder to ignore as it keeps yelling louder every time I’m at home and now I’ve had to take it out of the stash to photograph it. And as has been previously stated:  It’s very pretty yarn and I’m very weak-willed.


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