They’re Coming!!

I woke up to a very sad minion this morning who was clearly longing for companionship


First, we have to get the raw materials.

Maytal tried to fix the problem himself, but he couldn’t quite figure it out.


I'm so close!

So he agreed to sit quietly and let me work


It's like a cute, fuzzy version of a mad scientist's lab!

Meet Mabel. (Maximiliano has a head, but still no stuffing. He’s coming soon.)


Apparently Maytal does not approve of the blogging and wants me to get back to the knitting. He’s really very demanding.


You'd never guess to look at him, but he really is a stern taskmaster.

These need to come with a warning label. “One is not enough. Expect multiples.”

You can see more of Maytal’s Adventures here.

Pattern: Minions by Heather Sebastian

For more great WIPs be sure to check out Tami’s Blog


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