Creative Friday – An Almost Finished Sock

Knitting for me is as organic experience.  Not in the sense that I just make it up as I go, (though that does sometimes happen and the results can be interesting), but in the sense that I let my knitting tell me when it wants to be knit.  I can and will knit under a deadline.  But I don’t enjoy it as much and that’s when I start to go a little mad and the evil knitting fairy that lives in my head tells me that no one ever needs knitted goods from me again.  EVER.  I am way happier when me knitting tells me when it wants to be knit and I listen.

This week it was my Fishbone Gansey socks.  I tried to finish Mabel the Minion the socks whimpered.  I attempted to work on the gargoyle, the socks followed be around poking me gently in the bottom of the foot.

Okay sock, you're getting between me and my coffee. This is very dangerous for both of us!

I ripped out and started the Strangling Vines scarf a second time and the socks started screaming loud enough that I thought my husband might be able to hear them.  So I gave in and started to work on them.

I am both disappointed that they are not finished and pleased with how far they came this week.  The heel has been turned and the gusset picked up.  Just the foot and toe are left to knit.  Aside from realizing that I had started inadvertently doing my decreases 6 stitches too early because I can’t count, things have been going well.  Soon these will stop screaming and be on my feet.  Which is good because Charee and My Vampire Boyfriend are fighting for dominance in my head and there is just not enough room in my brain for three pairs of socks fighting for knitting time supremacy.  There are too many other things to compete with and at some point I really need to do laundry and consider washing out some coffee cups before we end up having to drink directly from the pot.  And really, how am I suppose to knit anything without coffee?

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