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Nerd Wars Tournament Three begins

Today marks the beginning of the third installment of Nerd Wards over on Ravelry.  Here’s a quick walkthrough for those of you who have never heard of it before.  Contestants apply and are then divided into teams. Each tournament lasts three months, with three rounds of one month each.  At the beginning of each round, six categories are posted and you can attempt to do as many or as few as you like.  Every entry gets your team points, and you also have the opportunity to earn “team spirit” points if your fibre creations can be linked to your team somehow.  There is also an opportunity to submit a dissertation project that is worth a bunch of points and should take all three months to complete.  (That didn’t go so well for me in T2.)

I reapplied this tournament (which, by the way could be equally justified in being called Fan Wars), and luckily made it onto my first choice this time, Team Hellmouth!!

Clearly it is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan group.  And while I thought Team Browncoats had a lot of heart and I wish them all the best this tournament, this is the team that my heart belongs to.  This is home.  This is where a huge chunk of my geekery stems from.  (Just not the movie. Keep that thing away from me.)  Buffy rocks, Joss Whedon is awesome, and I still miss watching it every Tuesday.  (We do own the whole series and have watched it more than once.)

So this month I am entering three categories and will walk away with four finished projects.  Three of the four projects are part of my Year of Projects list.  HEY LOOK OVER YOUR RIGHT SHOULDER.  THERE’S A SKEIN OF ALPACA IN YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR WAITING THERE FOR YOU!!!!!!  I CAN SEE IT!!!!! NO? SORRY MY MISTAKE.  ODD.    What was I saying again? Oh yes, all four projects are part of my Year of Projects list and two of the four are Christmas Gifts.  I’m not sure if I can realistically get all of it finished this month, but I’m going to give it a solid try.  I already have all the needed materials so that’s a good start.

In case you were wondering I am entering the following:

Challenge  (Technical):  Colourtastic.  Self explanatory from the title.  The two non-cast on minions from my army will be entered here.  And I can snag team spirit points from the famous “Harmony has minions?  Wait. Harmony. Has. Minions?” exchange between Buffy and Xander.  (Think I need to re-watch that while making minions.)

Challenge (Nerd Culture): Best Dressed Nerds.  Complete part of a costume that one of your “nerdy heros” would wear.  Staked socks, in the colourway “Then Buffy Staked Edward the End.”  (That’s right I am finally going to cast these on.  Anyone who was here over the summer knows that I find this pattern a little intimidating.) Buffy would definitely wear these.

Challenge (Intellectual): I Haiku you.

Finish a project.
Submit with Haiku you wrote.
Oh look!  Extra Points!

(And no, when all the challenges dropped at midnight my husband and I did not stay up until 1 am making up Haikus.  That would never happen.) My Vampire Boyfriend socks with at least two original Haikus.  I will be pulling team spirit points from one of them.

So there we have it.  My challenges for this month.  (As well as finishing a few other things that are on the needles.)  And yes I realize that there are two pairs of socks.   I know that makes me even more crazy than on any other day.  I know that that much coffee is bad for me and will make me jittery and will not help the knitting.  I realize that skipping work to knit will result in me being fired and therefore not being able to sustain my addiction hobby.  I’m still going to try.  (I really have to figure out how to run on the treadmill and knit.  That’s prime knitting time I’m giving up.)   ‘Cause really, I made it to Team Hellmouth.  There’s no way I’m not going overboard.

My husband has started referring to October as “Overcommitted October” when it comes to my knitting.  He may be right.  Feel free to use that line if it applies to you.  Just give a little nod to my hubby.  He’d like that.

This post is part of Overcommitted October.