Temptation Tuesday; Or: Does She Ever Finish Anything?

I love Vampires. I have since childhood. My first memory of any Vampire was The Count from Seasame Street. Then I became addicted to the Bunnicula series of books. (It’s the story of a vampire bunny who sneaks around at night draining the juices out of all the vegetables in the house and it’s up to Howard the dog and Chester the cat to thwart the bunny’s evil plans.) Then in my early teens, Fright Night and The Lost Boys came out. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen The Lost Boys, but it’s safe to assume that I can quote the entire movie from start to finish with a pretty high degree of accuracy.

In my later life I discovered Buffy, (the TV show, not the terrible movie), but more importantly Spike. Now there’s True Blood in both book and T.V. form,  and Eric.


(Sorry, brain went away there for a second. Can you blame me?) And Vampire Diaries is a lot of fun. In my world, vampires do not sparkle.

So I am a little shocked that when Kate released the pattern for My Vampire Boyfriend socks I didn’t jump all over them. Maybe it’s because I saw Kate working on the design while we were both at our LYS. (If you ever get the chance to talk socks with Kate, do it.   She’ll give you tons of great tips for surviving sock knitting during a normal conversation.) I saw the socks and knew about the pattern before the issue of Knitty was published so, they really didn’t register on my radar as something that was new and exciting. I saw other people making them. I saw the socks all over Ravelry and still they didn’t click in my brain as something I needed to knit.

Then I found out that I had been placed on Team Hellmouth ,  the Buffy the Vampire Slayer group, for Nerd Wars, and all that changed. The first pattern that came to my mind was these socks and now I have to knit them. I am literally vibrating with excitement at the thought of making these.  Or maybe it just too much coffee.  In fact, the skein is caked and ready to go.


I realize this is blue and not red. I had yardage concerns for my red skeins of sock yarn.

Just this once the temptation was too strong to resist and I’m giving in. But that’s okay. Life is all about these little treats.


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