WIP Wednesday: Toasty Toes Edition.

Lately it seems to be all about feet in my knitting. I suspect this has to do with the weather getting colder and me having to admit that sandal season is sadly over.  Walking around barefoot is being replaced by walking around in knitted socks which is both lovely and sad at the same time. My pedicure is in terrible shape but that doesn’t matter since no one will be seeing my naked little piggies for quite some time.  Sigh.
But, for your viewing pleasure a gallery of toasty toes knitting.

Click photos for pattern links.

First, Minion Feet.  I realize that these don’t keep our toes warm, but I’m pretty sure that the minions are darn happy to have them.


Just a sneak peek. Check back on Friday for heads and arms.

Next in line are the first pair of Saturday Morning Slippers for my mum.  I realize that at this stage they are more like foot cushioning than warming, but they need to start somewhere.


Going to up a needle size for the actual foot. But I like the super soft sole.

Next, My Vampire Boyfriend socks have been started.  Not much finished so far, but they are on the needles and ready to go.


I am already in love with the yarn. MCN the sockquel for Indigodragonfly

And finally, the Fishbone Gansey socks are getting the love they deserve and are well on their way to being socks and not sock.


No sock for me!!!

So, four wips, all feet.  But I am certain that there will be no cold toes in mine or anyone else’s future.

For more exciting WIPS be sure to check out Tami’s blog.


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