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Holiday Tip #4 A Balanced Caffeine Intake

Tip #4; Caffeine is a Godsend

Caffeine.  A holiday knitter’s best friend.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer coffee or tea or cola, just make sure you know how to balance your intake to help promote maximum knitting performance and time.  Too little caffeine and you’re sleepy and dopey long before you should be. Too much and you’re  jittery, scattered, and unable to focus.  What you need is the prefect midpoint between the two, to help pinpoint your focus while increasing the length of time that you can knit for.

To have optimal performance it is important to learn how our bodies use and store caffeine.  Men (mostly) receive a sudden and short pick-me-up from a cup of caffeinated goodness.  It explains why my husband can have a cup ‘o Joe at 9 pm and have no problems sleeping at 11.  Women, on the other hand, (generally) have a far more subtle response to caffeine.  It works more like fuel that’s released slowly over time, lasting longer and providing a lower but more sustained pick-me-up.   I drink coffee after 6 pm, and I won’t sleep until at least 2 am.   And that’s important to know when trying to achieve as much knitting time as possible.

And be sure to drink lots of water too.  The body needs water to process caffeine.  You’ll get more if a boost from a cup of coffee, (or tea, or soda), if you drink a glass of water with it.

Another important element to this tip is the ability to train someone in your house to make and preferably bring your caffeine to you.   It doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse, parent, child, or a technologically savvy plant.  But someone MUST be able to make you coffee or tea.  It helps to promote happiness and harmony in your knitting life.  You don’t have to give up precious knitting time and your caffeine fetcher gets to feel like they are supporting a good cause.  Also (at least in my house) this serves the purpose of saving those around me from my under-caffeinated moods.  (It’s also one of the secrets to a long and happy marriage.  My husband is wise beyond his years.)

So go forth into the world perfectly caffeinated and highly functional.

The Fine Print
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