I Might be in a Colour Rut

First, I want to share some exciting news about my Little Victoria. She has been paid for and is now officially mine!!!!! (Thanks Suzie.) I am the proud owner of my very own spinning wheel!!!!!

To celebrate I started a new spinning project. First it looked like this.

Then I started spinning it and fell in love with how it was turning out.

Then I realized that the colour looks a little familiar.  It kind of resembles this


That's my Ishbel

and this. (There’s a little sneak peek of my BFF’s birthday gift.  She’s currently still romping about the New Zealand countryside and creating a yarn shortage over there.   I’m pretty sure it’s safe to post this.  By the time she gets back, she’ll have too much back reading to do to see this.  And if not, I hope you like the colour 🙂

I think maybe I like this colour combo a little too much!!! Might be time to try something new. Maybe I can close my eyes and knit something in neon colours?

This post is part of

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011


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