Daily Archives: October 16, 2011

YOP Update October 16th

Sundays seem to be coming at a fast and furious rate these days and with Christmas starting to loom in the near future, I wish there was a way to slow it all down.  I would love to have more knitting time.  But since that’s not going to happen, it’s all about using the time that I have as wisely as possible.

It’s been a busy week on the Year Of Projects front.  First, the last set of squares for the Noro log cabin blanket are soaking as I type this.  This is great news as it means that soon the blanket can start to be assembled and it is one step closer to being a finished object.  It will be a huge finish on the Christmas knitting front.

All of the bits for Stone the Gargoyle have been knit and I am hoping to have it at least partly sewn together by the end of the day and that will be another Christmas present finished and off the list.

Two other gifts have been started and are well on their way to being finished objects.  The chew toy for Maggie is  a very fast and easy knit and I am hoping that by the end of today that will have crossed over the magical line into the realm of finished objects.  Little J’s super secret christmas gift is coming along nicely and that too will be finished this week.

I have decided that My Vampire Boyfriend socks will double as both my second Nerd Wars entry of the month and as a Christmas gift as well.  It’s not the pair of socks I was planning to make as a gift for the recipient, but it is a pair of socks so the intention hasn’t changed even if the pattern has.

Even though I am making great strides on the Christmas knitting front, that creeping panic is starting to weasel its way into my thoughts and I am hoping that getting a few more items off the list will help squelch that before it gets too loud and I end up in full-out panic mode.  That’s my hope.

I also realized that somehow my toe up socks that are a WIP from the late spring have missed being put on my list so those have been added.

Onto the numbers:

9/44 complete

14/37  in progress

The progress is slow, but I still am crazy enough to think that I will get this all finished in time.  Sigh.