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Spreading the Love

It’s always fun and surprising when one of these little awards makes the rounds. And I think it’s even more surprising when my blog shows up on someone’s list.  Molly Bee’s Attic  added me to her list.  I have to admit, this blog is completely new too me.  But just a few minutes there and you realise that she has a wicked sense of humour and some really cool bags.  So a big thank you for letting me know how much you enjoy my blog.

So there are rules and regulations that come with this lovely little bit of recognition.

1. Thank the person who awarded it to you and link to their blog.  (Check.)

2. Share 7 things about myself. (Give me a couple of minutes.  The coffee needs time to make my brain start working.)

3. Pass this one to 15 newly discovered or new to you blogs.  (This is the best part.  Supporting the blogging community as a whole is a great thing and hopefully you pass on a smile to someone else.)

Seven things about me that you don’t already know, won’t bore you to tears, and I am willing to share.

1. Coconut is baking is an abomination.  The texture and  flavour are all wrong.  It literally makes me gag and I am willing to try almost anything. (If I told you some of the things I have eaten you in fact might gag.  And if you are like me and read blogs with my morning cup of coffee I would rather not be held responsible for choking, or coffee covered computer screens.)  I do not care how good or tasty you think that your favourite coconut in baked goods recipe is, it really won’t matter.  It does not belong shredded on pork or shrimp either.  It’s all just well and truly wrong.  Coconut milk in a green curry Thai dish? That’s pure gold.

2. Taiwan is the one place in the world that I have been to where my willingness to try new foods came to a screeching halt.  (Apparently I’m running with a food theme here.) I love Taiwan.  If I found out right now that I won the lottery I would drag my husband out of bed, claim our prize, call the airline and go back tonight.  But I have to tell you, they eat some very unusual foodstuffs there.  I saw many, many things that I could not identify and I’m not sure that knowing what it was would have made the situation any better.  On the flip side, the food I did eat was very good and very tasty.

3. Even though I grew up in a tiny little forest community in Northern Canada, (and I really do mean tiny, North, and in the forest), I have never ever eaten moose.  I don’t know why.  It just never occurred to me to try it.  This apparently made me “strange.”  (My only response to that is “that’s what made me strange?”)

4.  I have however fired both a single and double barrel shot-gun.  (Not at anything living.)  I was a terrible shot.  Even if there had been something alive in my sights and I had been inclined to try to shoot it, it really wouldn’t have mattered.  The cute cuddly forest creature were all safe from harm as long as I was holding the gun.

5. I have a very clear memory of being in my early 20’s coming downstairs in my parents house, (they still live in Northern Canada,) having my dad hand me a cup of coffee, and the two of us sitting down at the kitchen table and watching the black bear sauntering around our back yard.  Just for the record, that sort of thing was not abnormal.  It was neither the first or last time that there was a bear in my parents backyard.

6. I have never seen a Polar Bear.  I want to.

7.  I have had enough winter to last me an entire lifetime.  North means cold.  The kind of cold that I can’t even begin to describe and you won’t understand unless you’ve experienced it.  Think of a time when you were cold.  Cold enough to believe that you would never be warm again.  Now make it colder.  That’s a normal Northern winter day.  I hate being cold and I hate flannel sheets.

So there you have it.  Seven non-knitting related things about me.  And that means this is almost an entire post free of knitting.  Regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow.  Now, go check out some of these other great blogs.

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