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Exciting News and a Wonderful Giveway

I am very fortunate to be friends with a wonderful woman named Tanya.  She is the same person who turned me onto the felted mice.  She is highly creative, a wonderful cook, and has an infectious laugh.  She has also been working very hard over the last few months to create an Etsy store.

Tanya suffers from a Gluten intolerance, and because she is Tanya, it is not enough to remove gluten from her food.  She wanted to remove it from her beauty products as well.  She quickly realized that Gluten Free products of any kind are not very readily available, and Gluten Free skin care products are even rarer.  So, (again, because she’s Tanya) she decided to make them herself.  For months she has been creating items and giving them to her close friends for testing. (because why make a half pound of soap, really, when it’s just as easy to make 5 pounds.  Or 10.)  I have been the recipient of many wonderful items over the last few months and have not had to spend a cent on creams, lotions, lip balms, or soaps.  I have even finally found a cream that can deal with how brutally dry my hands get in the winter!

Lip Balm. A year of it.

Just a few soaps…

In the final stage before packaging

After many months of encouragement, and a little outright nagging,  Tanya finally decided to start planning to make an etsy store to sell her products, before she made enough soap that she can’t get into her kitchen any more.  It has to go somewhere, and a person can only take so many showers.  We have watched her one bedroom flat slowly transform into a  beauty lab filled with bases and essential oils.  And finally, after months of preparation and work her store will finally be going live!

Tanya uses all natural ingredients whenever possible and her products are vegan.  All the items are hand-crafted in her kitchen.

Eucalyptus drying out

We are all very proud of her and to help the celebration Tanya has kindly donated three sets of her soap to be shipped off to three lucky readers.

I will announce the winners on Saturday October 29th and post a link to her store.  This means that your comments will need to be in before 11:59 on Friday October 28th.  There are no shipping restrictions and I am happy to ship world-wide.  All you have to do is leave a comment congratulating Tanya on her achievement at the end of this post to be entered.  A random number generator (a.k.a my husband) will determine the winners.  Please ensure that I have an email, blog link, or Ravelry handle in order to contact you if you win.  Also, please inform me if you have any allergies to any specific plants.  She uses pure essential oils and hydrosols and if for example you have an allergy to roses a soap with rose oil in it may cause an allergic reactions.  

Set Number One: Moonlight Lavender (Dark), Calendula, & Lemon Eucalyptus

Set Number Two: Essence of Chocolate, Moonlight Lavender (Light), & Calendula

Set Number Three: Essence of Chocolate, Field of Roses, & Citrus Zing

Best of luck to everyone.


YOP Update – October 23

It seems that life got in the way this week and nothing has changed on my list.  Some progress has been made on Little J’s Christmas gift.  I wish that I could share it with you as it is super crazy cute.  I’ve already had two people ask me to make one and one person ask me if I will help her understand and work through the pattern if she gets stuck.  Guess who I said yes too.I hope next week to have a far more interesting update for you.  Mr. Linky’s at the bottom.  I hope that you had more productive knitting time than me!
  • Clockwork (cast on June  &  part of the Knit-a-long of Doom) (Finished July 2011)
  • Wallis Cardi (cast on August of last year)
  • Rattlesnake Creek socks (cast on about 1 1/2 years ago)
  • Noro Log Cabin Blanket (cast on in June & it’s Christmas Knitting)
  • Toe Up Socks
  • Super secret BFF gift (I know you read this.  No peeking, but you’ll like it.) (Finished Sept  2011)
  • Super Secret Husband gift (He reads it too.) (In Progress)
  • Urbana  (Finished July 2011) (Dad)
  • Podsters
  • Saturday morning slippers x3 (Randal, FIL, mom)
  • Minion (Teiff) (Finished October 2011)
  • Gargoyle (Sean) (In Progress)
  • Strangling Vines scarf (Christine) (In Progress)
  • Windcheif hat (dad)
  • Cherie socks  (mom)(In Progress)
  • AStericks (MIL) (In Progress)
  • Dog Chewie (Maggie) (Finished October 2011)
  • Super Secret Little J gift (See first super secret gift.  That’s her mum.) (In Progress)
  • Kleenex covers x6
  • Sachets x6
  • Algonquin
  • Washcloth x2 ( I really thought I was finished with those!)  (Finished Sept 2011)
  • Herbivore
  • Flamboyan
  • Reunion Cowl
  • Roam
  • Lenore (The third)
  • Flaming Desire (Part of the Knit-a-long of Doom) (In Progress)
  • Staked  (Part of the Knit-a-long of Doom)
  • Fishbone Gansey  (Part of the Knit-a-long of Doom) (Finished October 2011)
  • Cut & Paste
  • My Vampire Boyfriend (Part of Nerd Wars) (In Progress)
  • Matrimony Socks
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Flutter-by
  • Aragorn
  • Duckies  (Finished Aug 2011)
Newly added
  • West Knits Mystery KAL (Finished Sept 2011)
  • Julia
  • Minion Army (Finished October 2011)
  • The running totals so far are:

10/44 complete

14/36  in progress