Holiday Tip #6: Have a Designated Driver

Holiday tip #6: Have a designated driver

You may be asking why is it important to give up your rights to driving yourself around. But let me assure you, those extra few minutes of knitting time can be a valuable addition to your day. If you’ve ever been on the way to a Christmas party and been sitting in the passenger seat of your car praying that you hit every possible red light so that you can finish weaving in all the ends of a scarf before you get to the party, you know what I mean. (A ready supply of gift bags is also handy so that when you finish the scarf while your spouse is pulling into a parking spot you have something to stuff the damn thing into.) Yes, I have been that knitter. And yes, the scarf was finished and in a gift bag by the time we knocked on the door, and we were even on time.

I would not have been able to pull that little victory off without the extra time. Also, there is a reason why you shouldn’t try to drive and weave in ends at the same time. EVER. Forget the fact that driving in a snow storm is bad enough. Trying to explain to your insurance company that you rear ended another vehicle because you were knitting is most likely not going to go over too well and will probably result in a careless driving charge being slapped on you. There is no piece of knitting that I am willing to ever have cost me that much. It’s just not smart. (And no, this one I do not know this from personal experience. It’s just common sense.)

So the moral here is knitting and driving do not mix. Knitting and being a passenger works very well. And really, what else will you be doing while you are stuck in a blizzard and it’s taking you twice as long as it should to get to where you are going? Me, I’d be getting marginally irritated. And hugely irritated with the other drivers on the road who seem to think that driving at high speeds and running reds is reasonable because everyone else around then is driving like a sane human being should. Knitting helps to keep my blood pressure down and ensures that I arrive at parties in one piece and in a festive mood.

The Fine Print
The tips revealed in this blog are for entertainment value only, and do not represent the views or opinions of the blogger, the blog host, or indeed of any known living being. Certainly not any sane ones. The use of these tips indicates your acceptance that there is no warranty, express or implied, that following these tips will have any effect whatsoever on your level of holiday stress. This will all end in tears.

7 responses to “Holiday Tip #6: Have a Designated Driver

  • Natalie

    This post made me laugh, so true…

    Last year the UK had a serious snowstorm, that my boyfriend cunningly thought it would be a good idea to go out in. 9 hours in the car later (seriously!) we had gone a distance that normally takes less than an hour, but I had finished a mitt (my first project on DPNs, which is why it took so long). I cast off the last stitch as we finally reached our destination 😉

  • Suzy

    I didn’t even need to read past the title to see where this one was going and nod vigorously in agreement! Though truth be told, I knit it the passenger seat less to get projects finished than to distract myself from hubby’s driving sometimes… But the extra knitting time is a most excellent thing! I’ve even stocked the car with a sock project that just stays put for occasions like your blizzard scenario or even stops at the hardware store when I just don’t feel like going inside.

  • geeky Heather

    I absolutely, totally finished my niece’s scarf in the car on the way home from Christmas Eve service!!

  • sparklesness

    I’m a very good passenger. I find washcloths awesome while driving because I can just knit and look out of the window.

    Plus my boyfriend hates my driving so it’s smiles all round.

  • Emma

    I’m loving these posts! Not quite holiday related, but i did frantically knit on my god-daughter’s christening present on the way to her christening. Didn’t get in finished though, but I did have a much longer lasting gift to give her as well!

  • myknittingcircle

    I am so glad I live where there are no snow stores at Christmas. I think I live as far north as I want to be! lol!

  • Christine

    Is it sad that I actually have a WIP right now that I loveingly call my commute/passenger project? And we haven’t even had snow yet (touch wood)… although @ 3 degrees tonight – flurries may be on the horizon 😦

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