Daily Archives: October 31, 2011

A Travelling Minion!!

My husband and I were heading out to meet some friends this weekend when we noticed something odd in my purse.

Camouflage? Never head of it. Why do you ask?

When I asked Marvella why she had left her other minions behind and jumped in my purse she explained that she has heard my husband and I talk about all the fun stuff that we do that she wanted to come along. How can you resist a face that cute? So she came.

Our first stop was The Burger’s Priest. It’s a tiny place. It’s really not bigger than a good sized walk in closet. There’s no place to actually eat inside it’s that small. The four of us, (five if you count Marvella,) got in seconds before the rush hit and by the time we left four rows of people had managed to squish into the tiny space and the line up was out the door and down the street. Marvella sought out higher ground as had a great time people watching.


It's crowded down there. Really. I'll wait here. Take your time.

The burgers were worth the crowds and I probably should have snapped a picture, but that would have required me to stop eating my burger and that just wasn’t going to happen. (I can assure you that until you eat a burger with a cheese stuffed deepfried portobello mushroom in the middle of it, you really have never had a burger.)

After a good burger you need to have a good beer so we headed out to our favorite pub for a few pints. Marvella was amazed at the selection and couldn’t believe that it was possible to have so many tasty things around her.


Hey! What's that behind you?

She did finally decide on this one and we let her have a wee little sip. I’m not sure what legal drinking age for a minion is but we figured a tiny taste wouldn’t hurt. Marvella seems to prefer a good strong beer.


Yep. Four inches tall, made of yarn, one month old. Already a beer snob.

Unfotuantly, it wasn’t until after we let her have a taste or two that we realized that the beer was 9% alcohol. So it didn’t take much before she was the life of the party and found herself in what is becoming a common place, the head of one of our good friends. She had a great view of the hockey game from there.


This looks familiar...

Marvella also wanted to make sure that I wish you all a very Happy Halloween!!