It’s a Real Problem When the Temptation is in Your House

I think by now I’ve made it pretty clear that I can find temptation everywhere in the knitting world.  A pretty yarn or batt, a new pattern, a quiet sleek wheel, a lovely new set of needles.  I am tempted by them all.  It really is only the fact that I live in Canada which means that it’s too cold most of the year to  live in a very large tent and that I really like food and that without coffee I would probably be in prison for mass homicides that I don’t spend every cent that I have on fibre related goodness.  I can resist things, and occasionally I successfully do resist things.  But, then those things that you normally resist end up in your house and your very fragile façade begins to crack and crumble and eventually you find yourself trying desperately to block out the screaming that’s coming from your yarn stash and focus on your current projects or even worse your holiday knitting.  (Just for the record, I am most tempted by other projects when I am working on a knitting deadline.  I always want to work on anything else.  This is nothing new, I’ve had to learn how not to end up crying in the corner to deal with it.)

The distraction is this.

Fourteen lovely balls of  Stansborough Fibres Mythral arrived in the mail for me.  I realize that you might be thinking, if you can resist things why did 14 balls of yarn arrive in the mail for you?  ‘Cause really, that doesn’t seem much like resisting to me, either.  Let me explain.

My BFF is a proud Kiwi and every few years she and Mr. BFF make a trip back so she can visit her family and friends and create a yarn shortage for all knitters in NZ.  It’s soft and squishy and a wonderful colour and Stansborough Fibres is no longer making this particular type of wool, so it was a now or never thing.  And when my BFF texts me from a store in NZ telling me that she has found a yarn that I am going to love and must have I believe her.  So she got me a sweater’s worth.  And then she bought some for herself in a different colour, and Mr. BFF found a colour he really liked so she got that too.  And then Kim, aka Indigodragonfly said she wanted the entire run of the light grey because it would overdye beautifully.  So that also got purchased.  And Tanya over at Non-Linear Solutions also liked the red and asked for some of that.  So that got put in the cart.  Just in case you’re wondering it brings the grand total to 70 balls of yarn.  My BFF walked into a store and left with 70 balls of yarn.  She literally cleaned the store out.  To the point, apparently, where that store had to call another local and have more yarn sent over so that they could stay open.  And that’s why my 14 balls came in the mail.  With everything else that they bought and a 15 month old she had to try to minimize the amount that they had to carry back on the plane.

So it arrived and I love it and I already have a pattern picked out for it.  It will become an Inaugural Sweater and more than anything else I want to stop typing this and cast it on.  I want to forget all the other knitting I have on the needles and work on this.  It will keep me warm and happy and I will love working on it.  It won’t make me frustrated or irritated.  It will glide smoothly off the needles and fit perfectly when it’s done.  And it will be everything that my deadline knitting is not being.

Now if you’ll excuse, I have to go assemble squares and pour a glass of really strong scotch.  I may be willing to cry onto my knitting, but I would never waste a good class of scotch.


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