Holiday Knitting Tip #7 – Oh the Emotions

Holiday Knitting Tip #7;  Be Prepared for the Flood of Emotion

Ever had one of those days where you wake up feeling great and think that you can take on the entire world and then by half way through your list you’re starting to doubt your very existence and why you got out of bed in the morning?  And then by 6 o’clock when your significant other gets home you’ve made a 4 course meal including dessert and are sitting crying at a cell phone ad about Remembrance Day? (No? Really?  I assure you you’ve not seen the ad I’m talking about.)  That kind of day?  A day where you’re not sure if you need to run a Marathon or drink a bottle of bourbon? A day where you’ve decided that bungee jumping or sky diving would be really cool and then you get to the edge and have to have someone push you over because you’ve realized that this may not be the best idea in the entire world?  All of this is what Holiday knitting is like.

It’s a fibre filled roller coaster that comes with great highs and lows and occasionally stalling somewhere in the middle.  It can make you feel like a knitting (or crochet) God one minute and leave you in a broken heap on the middle of the floor the next.  And you want to know the best part?Sometimes the mood swings happen without warning.  If you’re a woman reading this think of the worst PMS you’ve had and magnify it by %100.  If you’re a guy, think of any woman you’ve been close to and how they lose their minds, sanity, and all rational thought from time to time and that’s what you’re in for if you live with a holiday knitter.

So here’s the key.  When you’re up to your elbows in yarn and a little sick on the fibre bits that are clogging your sinuses, just remember that everything you are feeling is normal.  If it’s pure elation, great!  If it’s anger, that’s normal too.  If your knitting has reduced you to tears on the 21st of December, you are not alone.  We’ve all been there and had that bumpy ride on the wooly wagon with you.

Just try to keep in mind that it’s almost finished and then you can cast on your Reunion cowl, (that you already have the yarn for and that has been screaming like a banshee whenever you’re near your stash), or Lenore socks (purely for a hypothetical example).  You will have your knitting life back.  At least until next year, when you do the whole crazy thing again.

The Fine Print
The tips revealed in this blog are for entertainment value only, and do not represent the views or opinions of the blogger, the blog host, or indeed of any known living being. Certainly not any sane ones. The use of these tips indicates your acceptance that there is no warranty, express or implied, that following these tips will have any effect whatsoever on your level of holiday stress. This will all end in tears.

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