Not Really a Knitting Post…..

One of my favourite things about this time of year are the number of craft shows that pop up.  My friend Tanya from GF Escents found out about a show that was happening this weekend for other Esty store owners and asked a few of us if we wanted to join her on a little excursion.  It was a small show with only 150 booths, but there were some really amazing things, and none of  the four of us who made the pilgrimage  left empty-handed.  The really lovely thing about this show is that I spent way less money then I would at one of the big shows and still came home with some really great things, and I was happy to support the local artisan community.  There was even a very small yarn booth!


jalapeno and spicy red pepper jelly. Two wine toppers. Awesome wooden serving plate.

The Jellies are very tasty! And I will be using them as treats for other knitters in the very near future.

I couldn’t pass up this little guy.  First, everyone needs a little voodoo doll, and the two 20-somethings that were manning the booth had bright pink hair and mohawks.  I felt the need to support that kind of confidence.


I didn’t come home with one of these little felted critters, but they were just too darn cute to not take a photo of.  And the company is a big supporter of a green environment so they get thumbs up from me.  One of those little sheep will be ordered in the new year I assure you.


Check out the sheep!! It's awesome.


Store link is here. Click away

One of my favorite finds of the day were these mugs.  This artist works out of a studio in her home not that far away from where my friends live and already they are the only coffee mugs that we are using.  They are the prefect size for the (massive) coffee consumption that my DH and I engage in every day.  Click the photo for a link to her store.


But without a doubt the best find of the day was Ike from  

It became pretty clear pretty quickly that we weren’t going to get away without buying something.

So Ike came home with me and Dave went home with Little J.  What’s even better is that a portion of every sale goes to a local rabbit rescue organization.

Who doesn't need a slightly demented bunny as a computer companion?

This was a great way to spend a morning.  Good friends, lots of fun stuff, and being able to support some local artists.  What more can a girl ask for?


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