Temptation Tuesday – This Time I Did it to Myself

I would suspect that by now most of my readers realize that I sometimes have poor impulse control when it comes to casting on new projects, finding patterns to add to my want list, and buying yarn.  It’s been my goal to decrease the last item and knit more from stash.  I have to admit, it’s not going too badly.  I haven’t bought any yarn that’s not directly related to a Christmas gift since August, and even the Christmas yarn purchases have been keep to a minimum.  (Fine, I did buy the Bohus kit and I have to pay my BFF for the red yarn from NZ, but they both have a project attached to them and are therefore not really stash acquisitions.)  Maybe I need to rephrase the last statement.  Hmmm…… I have not purchased any yarn for the purposes of acquiring more stash simply on the basis that the yarn is pretty and that I would like to knit something with it in the future without knowing in the present what that future project will be.  (More accurate?)  That part of the yarn purchasing is going very well and I really haven’t done any of that since August.  And then late in October I did.  I saw a yarn and thought, “oh sooo pretty.  I must have it.” And somehow, before I knew what was happening, some keys were tapped, and an address was entered, and I had a pretty skein of yarn coming in the mail with my name on it.  It arrived last week.

This is the problem skein.


It’s from Candy Skein which is the brain child of Tami from over at Tami’s Amis blog and she hosts the WIP Wednesday and FO Friday link ups.  I have to admit that I had visited her store once or twice in the past but for whatever reason I didn’t really look at things.  But then a couple of weeks ago I went back to her store and this time I really saw things.  And I fell in love with things.  And I had to really fight the urge to order more than one thing.  (‘Cause I did find at least two other skeins that wanted hop into the box and be shipped to me too, but I had to show some restraint.)  And then when I realized that this particular colourway was only going to be available for the month of October as it part of the Candy Skein Sock club and the decision was made for me.

So now I have this super funky sock yarn that wants to be socks.  It will most certainly be socks, I just haven’t found a pattern for it yet.  (Maybe another pair of JayWalkers.  Must check yardage requirements.)  So for now my sock yarn stash has increased by one.   And really when you think about it this isn’t my fault at all.  Tami made this damn pretty yarn and then put it on the internet where I can order things while drinking my coffee. So really, this current stash acquisitions can be blamed on Tami, (shame on you), Tim Berners-Lee, and my credit card company.  It’s not my fault at all!!

In case you’re wondering, “never cause a knitter to justify stash acquisition” is just as important of a life lesson as  “never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line”, or more famously “never get involved with a land war in Asia”.  It will always end badly for someone 🙂


6 responses to “Temptation Tuesday – This Time I Did it to Myself

  • Contessa

    I look forward to seeing what you do with that yarn!!! ♥

    Also, you made my day with that last paragraph. For real. 😀

  • Emma

    If it’s any consolation, I have heard from several *ahem* reputable sources that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. So really it’s ok, you can buy as much as you like =P

  • Natalie

    I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph (and it made me chuckle a lot). Sometimes stash reduction plans need a little break, a reward for being good. And one skein of sock yarn is the perfect snack before restarting a yarn diet 😉

  • Renee (Zerbel) West

    I’ve been having trouble with my yarn diet lately. My LYS had a “stuff this bag full and get 30% off” or a “stuff this bag full and get 40% off”….and, of course, I went with the 40%. I wound up spending about $140 (and saving $100)……


    It doesn’t help that I’m a slow knitter because of Little Man.

  • Suzy

    How can I not love someone who makes Princess Bride references in normal conversation…

    My stash theory is the economy sucks so I must make sure to amass enough stash in case the hard times hit. And eventually I’ll want to retire so I must make sure to be suitably set up for the reduced income. A skein bought today is a safety net for later… But my question now is, how, exactly, does roving fit into the stash equation? It’s not really yarn, right? So it can’t possibly be stash, can it? And when I spin it, well, it’s past purchase so already done and over with. and can’t hardly count as stash increase once it’s spun. So I *think* I just found the ultimate source for stash-free buying… What do you think?

  • babygreens

    Another lover of your last paragraph here! Gorgeous yarn too.

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