A Finished Object and a Secret Revealed

I am so very pleased to be able to present this finished object this week.  On Tuesday it was my BFF and knitting Guru’s birthday!!! So I finally get to show everyone what I made for her.

Here it is! The pattern is Pagona by Stephen West and the yarn is Malabrigo sock in Stonechat.  It’s been many years since she taught me how to knit and I have finally reached the point where knitting for her is something that mostly does not intimidate the hell out of me.  (It’s a little scary to knit for someone who’s been knitting for 30+ years and can knit the most beautiful items in her sleep.  I’m not joking, she has actually dozed off while knitting and still makes the most stunning things ever.)  I was a little concerned about this shawl and when I mentioned my apprehensions her only response was “you’re knitting it? I’m going to love it!”  That’s why we are friends.

So this week the blue bag was retrieved from its storage space and the shawl was blocked, dried, and stuffed in it.  This little blue bag has become part of the gifting tradition for the two of us.  We both manage to  keep track of the bag throughout the year and more than once have each had panic attacks when we thought that we had lost the bag.  It’s sun faded from one or both of us leaving it in the wrong place for too long, but otherwise it’s still in good shape.  And ever year this little bag gets used over and over for both birthdays and Christmas gifts and telling the other that “the blue bag is out” means that a gift has been added to it and something special is coming to one of us.  Why do we use the same bag instead of just getting a new one? Why do we each store and protect the bag every year for so many years now that we both have lost track of the number of gifts given and received with the bag?  Well, we share the same name, down to the spelling.  And the first time I received the bag from my BFF she filled out the to and from spots on the card.  Since it says “To Keri from Keri” it became an instant joke for the two of us and there is no other way for the two of us to give and receive gifts.

So it’s with a great amount of love that I share the shawl and the story of a little blue bag.  Please take a moment to send a birthday wish to my friend and send her thoughts for her best year ever.  Take it from me, she’s an amazing woman, friend, knitter, and mother.

Happy Birthday Keri!!!! I look forward to all the adventures we’ll have in the next year 🙂

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