Holiday Knitting Tip check in – How’s that Family Training Going?

Checking in on the family training.

So last Thursday I posted some helpful tips to get your family more involved in your holiday knitting and to help you gain some perspective on what is actually important at this stressful exciting time of year.  I thought this week we should check in with how it’s going and add a few new ideas to the mix.

1. How are the Zoodles working out for you? Are the kids still eating it?  If they seem to be getting bored switch it up a little.  Get something that has the little faux meatballs in it.  Tell them it’s  a game and that the kid who can stack as many meatballs as possible in the middle of the bowl gets all the meatballs!! But only after they’ve eaten the rest of the food in the dish.  Keep in mind that this only works if you have someone else willing to be the judge of the meatball tower height.  The goal here is to keep them busy and give you free time.  If they children get too whiney about the towers or the zoodles in general, put the plate down on the ground and let your newly acquired Husky pup lick the bowl clean.  This kills  three birds with one stone, the kids are amused (sort of), there’s no garbage to worry about, and the dog is fed.  It’s really a win – win situation.

2.  Send the whole family out for dinner across town, preferably at an all you can eat place.   Explain to them that they further they have to drive, the better the food is likely to be because it’s out-of-the-way and not as many people will go there.  Encourage them to eat some greens as the diet of Zoodles  is probably not too healthy for their digestive tracts.  Then send them out the door with the orders that they are to eat enough to keep themselves full until the following night’s dinner.

If you’re really creative and have a little bit of spare time you can fashion a food receptacle jacket for your spouse (they are most likely bigger than your children and far more discreet), by lining the inside of the coat with black garbage bags.  Slice a couple of holes in the bags to create pockets and tell your spouse to smuggle out as much food in the coat as possible.  At least two or three meals worth.  Pizza slices work great in this scenario.  (You’d probably sleep much better if you thought I was making this last bit up.  But I’m not.  I’m the woman who survived the last 72 hours of my University career on 1/2 can of Zoodles and boiled water with sugar. I am not creative enough to make this up. My DH used to know the two guys, nicknamed Gnome and Troll, who did this all the time.  They liked their coat pizza very much.)

3. While you have the house to yourself, consider packing a bag and checking into a hotel or friend’s house or the empty house up the street.  I am not advocating deserting your family on a permanent basis, just maybe for a couple of nights especially since they’re all probably a little cranky from the “food in a can diet”.  Plus it’s easier to leave then to change the locks and since you have by now hopefully removed everyone else from the house you’ll get stuck supervising the locksmith and you’ve just defeated the entire purpose of alone time.

4.  Consider moving into your favourite yarn store.  I have on more than one occasion asked the owners of my favourite LYS if I could just set up a cot in the basement and spend the night.  The other knitters in the room usually agree, but they have yet to let us do it.  My store has the added bonus of serving coffee and tea and having a full size fridge.  Right next door is a local organic butcher who has been there for years and always has a ready supply of meat, cheese, eggs, and breads.  It really is perfect.  But be sure to pick your location to maximize your strategic benefits.  An undercaffienated hungry knitter is an angry knitter.

5.  Try to remember to laugh from time to time.  It will keep you sane and get you through this.

Still no clue how to work out and knit at the same time.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

The Fine Print
The tips revealed in this blog are for entertainment value only, and do not represent the views or opinions of the blogger, the blog host, or indeed of any known living being. Certainly not any sane ones. The use of these tips indicates your acceptance that there is no warranty, express or implied, that following these tips will have any effect whatsoever on your level of holiday stress. This will all end in tears.

5 responses to “Holiday Knitting Tip check in – How’s that Family Training Going?

  • Suzy

    #4 is a total crack up…. I am a quilter turned knitter so my ideal sleep over is actually the quilt shop- there’s a bed in the classroom (which, conveniently, has a full kitchen on the other end), piles and piles of warm quilts to keep you toasty, and the fabric won’t serve as the strong distraction that a shop full of yarn would if I’m intent on finishing my Christmas knitting! Of course, if I’m finishing my Christmas quilting I am hosed. I need to set myself up at a yarn shop for that I guess…

  • Vanessa

    I am almost done with Mom’s shawl. I have some Christmas sewing to do but I’m setting the bar very low. My four nieces are getting zippered make up bags. Two of them are married so the boys are going to get something purchased. My one sister is getting another Snuggie and I have no idea what to get my local sister and her husband. Maybe coffee mugs, I dunno.

  • karen

    thanks for joining in thursdays thoughts !! lol at post ! btw what are zoodles?

    • Keri

      Zoodles are a “food” in a can. Pasta in the shapes of animals in tomato sauce. You can get it with little meatballs or without. They have cartoon style animals on the packaging are probably not all that healthy.

  • Emma

    I am absolutely sure I’ve heard of knitting bracelets, which hold your yarn so you can knit whilst walking. Maybe do that on a treadmill to get your exercise in?

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