FO Friday – A Very Addictive Little Knit

My knitting projects take on different meanings for me at different times.  Some I choose for their complexity when I need a challenge.  Some are for their simplicity when I just want to lose myself in the stitches.  Some are to showcase a yarn or a pattern.  And some are just because they are really cute.  These little cases fall into the last category, they were just too cute not to knit.

The pattern is Sweaters for purse size tissue packages and the yarn is whatever sock yarn scraps and one odd ball that I had lying around in my stash.  I warn you that these little sweaters are highly addictive and you won’t be able to knit just one.  They are also super fast and highly portable making them great lunch break or transit knitting.  And they each use very little yarn.  I was able to make four packages with a standard ball of sock yarn and still had a little bit left over.

I intend to toss these into Christmas packages for my family members and I think that they will bring a smile to the faces of the people who receive them.  One is living in my purse (I took the first one that was a little wonky), and I have to admit, I did consider making a few more.

I love projects that use up ends so these were really the perfect little Christmas knit.

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