A Chance Meeting with Lucy Neatby

So just over a week ago, I arrived at my LYS for the Knitty Roundtable and realized that Amy had that look on her face.  You know the look.  You’ve seen it on other people a thousand times.  It’s that look that says something has just gone horribly wrong and there may be some panic happening.  So I asked Amy what was going on and she looked at me and said “Oh God.  You don’t know.”  Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that phrase is generally not followed by good news.  It’s the kind of phrase that is usually followed with “your favourite yarn company just burned to the ground” or “knitting has been made illegal and the police will be here in a short period of time to arrest all us fibre loving folks and you’ve been volunteered to lead a merry band of knitter through the winding dark alleys to the knitters safe house up the street where if you arrive safely there will be spinning wheels and booze and no one breaking down the door to ship you into a fibre free pit of despair.”  (I have a very active imagination.) What I was not expecting was “Lucy Neatby is arriving in half and hour.  She a surprise special guest.  Try not to sh*t yourself.”

At this point I feel the need to point out something about Amy Singer, the creative force behind Knitty Magazine.  She is one of the most down to earth people who you will ever meet and she has no comprehension that she does in fact have a fair bit of celebrity status in the knitting community.  It never occurs to her that people want to meet her and think that it’s cool when they do.  I’ve even witnessed the exasperated panic that crosses her face when people say “oh, you’re that Amy Singer!”  She really has no idea and what makes her even more endearing is that she wears her fan girl squee like a badge of honour and is never afraid to show it to anyone.  And she  was, at that moment, oozing squee all over me, the yarn on the shelves, the carpet and the owners of the yarn store.  It was literally everywhere.  And why not?  I’ve been working the roundtable events with Amy for going on two years and even though we often have had local knitting celebs pop in, this is was the first time (since I’ve been working the events), that a bigger celebrity has graced out little event.

So within half and hour a woman walked in and there was no doubt that it had to be Lucy.  The shocking pink hair does make her stand out a little.  It took me a good chunk of the evening, but at one point I was finally able to sit down at a table with her and start talking.  And we talked about reversible knitting patterns that she is working on, and how to best engage in reversible knitting – something that I’ve never tried to do.  The idea of a pattern appearing on both sides of a piece of work is both wondrous and slightly beyond me.  But you now what, I didn’t care.  The woman is brilliant! And by then end of the twenty minutes or so that I spent talking to her about it I found myself thinking that I could do it and asking why I haven’t done it yet.  She is a ball of creative energy that is addictive and contagious and I have to admit, I may have tampered with the timing of things just so I could spend a few extra minutes chatting with her.  She sees things differently and I wanted her to keep talking on and on.  But alas  things did have to move forward.  But as the event was winding down I did get a few more minutes in with her and found out about her family and her trip and she let me snap the cute little picture of her.

(Yes, that is a chicken bag.) And then she had to leave and I had to meet my husband and our friends at the pub.  But it was a wonderful evening and if you ever get the chance to take a class with Lucy, do it.  you won’t regret it.  And if you bump into Amy don’t ever say “oh, you’re that Amy.”


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