Temptation Tuesday or Really Mr. West? Right Before Christmas!

So Mr. Stephen West is apparently determined to hinder my ability to finish my Christmas knitting to the best of his abilities.  This past week he announced the creation of his first ever shawl club.  The sort of good news for me is that the temptation can only go so far as there is no international shipping available.  So I don’t have to try to resist the whole package including the yarn.  PDF’s, however, are wonderful thing and I will be receiving five patterns over the next five months for five brand new shawls.  (It’s going to be great stash busting).  But the kicker is that the first pattern arrives on December 14th and I am somehow going to have to find the will power to ignore casting it on.  I can also see this interfering with my already overwhelming Year of Projects list, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish that needs not be discussed at the moment.  Or ever, if I can help it.

It’s no secret that I am in love with this man’s designs.  Just to make it clear, I have never even read an interview with him.  Aside from what he puts up on Twitter I have no knowledge about the man.  I don’t even know what country he’s from, though I’m pretty sure it’s not North America.  And the bottom line is, I really don’t care as long as he keeps designing pretty things for me to knit.  It’s pretty clear that his design style resonates well with me, as I knit his stuff all the time.

But I must say that having the first pattern come out right before Christmas does fall into the category of cruel and unusual punishment for me.  So now, I want to have all my Christmas knitting finished by the 14th instead of the 25th.  I figure if I only sleep four hours a night and find a way to take a few days (all of them), off work, and have my husband blend up all my meals so I can drink them through straws (thus leaving my hands free to knit), and hire a maid so the apartment doesn’t become a seething pit of filth that would scare even cockroaches away (no we do not have cockroaches), then it should be completely doable.  Really, it’s all about having a plan.  And I have one.  Wish me luck.


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