YOP Update Dec 4th

 With Christmas less than a month away I can no longer ignore the amount of knitting time that I need.  It does seem to mean that I can either blog or knit and knitting has to win out.  Knitting has truly taken over my life.  But that’s okay, there are 21 days left and after that things get to calm down again.  I can survive this.
I also know which projects are not going to be finished in time for Christmas.  This is not a huge problem for me as certain items will be cast on in the new year and will start the Christmas knitting for next year.  It’s all part of my plan to be organized!
But there has been progress.  The Blue Whale shawl is finished.  It needs a major blocking, but I love it and so will my MIL.  I have the first column of squares for the blanket assembled and aside from the massive amounts of monotony that come with that, and a few minor errors when I stopped paying enough attention, it’s all going well.  I’ve even managed to sneak a little bit of time on my husband’s gift. 
 Hope everyone else is having a good knitting week!
SO here’s the nitty-gritty and Mr Linky.
  • Clockwork (cast on June  &  part of the Knit-a-long of Doom) (Finished July 2011)
  • Wallis Cardi (cast on August of last year)
  • Rattlesnake Creek socks (cast on about 1 1/2 years ago)
  • Noro Log Cabin Blanket (cast on in June & it’s Christmas Knitting)
  • Toe Up Socks
  • Super secret BFF gift (I know you read this.  No peeking, but you’ll like it.) (Finished Sept  2011)
  • Super Secret Husband gift (He reads it too.) (In Progress)
  • Urbana  (Finished July 2011) (Dad)
  • Podsters
  • Saturday morning slippers x2 (FIL, mom)
  • Minion (Teiff) (Finished October 2011)
  • Gargoyle (Sean) (Finished October 2011))
  • Strangling Vines scarf (Christine) (In Progress)
  • Windcheif hat (dad) (Finished November 2011)
  • Cherie socks  (mom)(In Progress)
  • AStericks (MIL) (Finished November 2011)
  • Dog Chewie (Maggie) (Finished October 2011)
  • Super Secret Little J gift (See first super secret gift.  That’s her mum.) (Finished Oct 2011)
  • Kleenex covers x6 (Finished October)
  • Sachets x6
  • Algonquin (In Progress)
  • Washcloth x2 ( I really thought I was finished with those!)  (Finished Sept 2011)
  • Herbivore
  • Flamboyan
  • Reunion Cowl
  • Roam
  • Lenore (The third) (In Progress)
  • Flaming Desire 
  • Staked  
  • Fishbone Gansey  (Part of the Knit-a-long of Doom) (Finished October 2011)
  • Cut & Paste
  • My Vampire Boyfriend (Part of Nerd Wars) (In Progress)
  • Matrimony Socks
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Flutter-by
  • Aragorn
  • Duckies  (Finished Aug 2011)
Newly added
  • West Knits Mystery KAL (Finished Sept 2011)
  • Julia
  • Minion Army (Finished October 2011)
  • Blue Whale shawl – replacement MIL Gift (Finished Dec 2011)
The running totals so far are:

16/43 complete

11/27  in progress


6 responses to “YOP Update Dec 4th

  • babygreens

    woo hoo for progress and finishings! Knowing what to set aside is an important part of being organised, I think. I have finished my Christmas gift knitting today, and it is all your fault. I’d never have considered making anything to gift if it hadn’t been for your gift knitting blog post.

  • sandy

    I’m not doing Christmas knitting this year, which is kinda nice…not having that deadline if you know what I mean. You’ve done well. Yeah for the linky being back. I tried to post, but am unsure if it’s there?

  • erin

    good luck with your Christmas knitting! I decided early on not to do Christmas knitting this year, but then I was like: Except for my mom. And my dad. And my best friend. And my grandma. And my best friend’s mom. And… So I’m pretty behind right now, too! =)

  • Underground Crafter

    I’m glad you are taking the holiday projects in stride. It is very calming and inspiring!

  • Faith

    I like the idea of taking this years Christmas projects and making them next years, I may take that one on board!

    You knitting projects are flying by!

  • Liz

    Good luck with the Christmas knitting! It looks like you’re making good progress so far. 🙂

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