Merry Belated Holiday

Christmas kind’ve snuck up on me this year.  Even though I tried really hard not to let it.  At some point I gave up on blogging in an attempt to manage a little bit of sanity in my life.  I do feel bad for skipping YOP Updates, but they literally started slipping by so fast that I barely had time to catch my breath.

For the first time in many years I had to work until December 23rd.  (I would like to take this time to personally thank the idiot at the school board who thought that was a good idea and I would like to invite him/her to come into my room between December 20th to 23rd if they make that call in the future.  It’s so much fun to be in a room of 25 five-year olds who are either in the middle of celebrating their holiday or waiting not too patiently for the arrival of Santa.)  And, for the first time my in-laws arrived the week before Christmas instead of a day or two in advance.  Also, it’s the time of year when my Husband works 10 or 12 hour days and neither of us blink because we both remember the year he worked 85 hours a week for the 6 weeks prior to Christmas and nothing can really compare to that.

But it does mean that I woke up on Christmas with a mountain of laundry (and I really do mean a mountain), the kitchen in a mild state of disrepair and the Christmas knitting not really finished.  But what can you do except throw up your hands and enjoy the holiday.  So that’s what we did.

I saw my Mother in Law drunk for the first time ever and saw my Father in Law laugh so hard he just about bust a gut.  I did start becoming a little concerned when my Brother in law started drinking his wife’s wine under the guise of saving her from the hangover that she would inevitably have while she was trying to cook the roast for Christmas Dinner.  All in all, it was a whole lot of fun and the gifts that were finished were well received.

To finish the festivities, I broke with tradition and opted not to go boxing day shopping this year.  There were a number of reasons for that, but mostly, I just couldn’t be bothered to drag myself out of the house that early this year.  Instead we decided to host an “escape the craziness boxing day brunch.”  I invited up a few close knitting friends and my husband volunteered to make us each personal omelette and be our chef.

We needed something to eat first. And I was able to use my pretty new red plates from my BFF!

Mimosa for everyone!

Pick your fixings!!!

I really love this man! Cooking for 5 knitters and never complaining!

Personalized omelets. Yummy!

It was a great day and the start of a new tradition.  And though it is a little late, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday celebration and found time to snuggle with your loved ones.

On my list for next year, figuring out how to blog and knit at the same time!


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