Knitting Outside the Box – Maybe

This year for Christmas my BFF decided to get me a surprise package from IndigoDragonFly’s Giftapalooza. It was an awesome idea.  It was a secret Santa of sorts that involved no work on the part of the giver and meant that your knitter received a package with yarn and a pattern and a few goodies inside. There was a whole lot of excitement surrounding the arrival of said package and a whole bunch of us were waiting with batted breath for the packages to arrive.

For me the magic day came of Christmas Eve and I opened my gift and found a cute little tape measure, (what knitter doesn’t need an extra one), a great little reusable tote, a pattern, some magnets, and this.


There's no denying it. This is yellow.

I really could not have been more surprised if I opened my package and my yarn burst into flames. See, here’s the thing. I’m not a yellow person. Never have been never will be. It’s beautifully dyed and the base is gorgeous. But it’s yellow. And I know that there are people out there who like yellow. Maybe even love it. I am not one of those people. I’m a very pale ghost like white with very dark hair. Yellow makes me look like I have the plague. Yellow, according to the people who study the effects of colour on human moods, causes anxiety. And I can’t lie. This little skein of yellow yarn was making me anxious.

See, I’m friends with Kim. She is a very reasonable human being and she knows the colours I like. I trust her colour choices completely to the point where I recently gave her some yarn and said “make this into something I’ll knit with.” And she did. I love it.


Used to be boring old Knit Picks Bare. Now it's super pretty.

But, I still felt a little odd about asking to exchange the yellow yarn for me. I knew that it was nothing personal. They had well over a hundred packages to send out and somehow this ended up coming my way.

So instead, I tried to convince myself that this was my chance to expand my knitting horizons and that this was an opportunity for personal growth. And, if nothing else, it would make a heck of a pretty pair of socks.

When Kim arrived at my place on Boxing day she looked at me and said, “you got the yellow didn’t you.” (I had twittered something that kind’ve tipped her off.) Then said, “that’s not you at all. Wanna exchange it for something else?” And all thoughts of personal growth went out the window and I agreed to the exchange instantly.

So, my giftapalooza is still not finished. And there is still a surprise waiting for me. And that’s really okay. And I would like to say a big “thank you” to Kim for understanding and not being offended. And, if you do like yellow yarn get some from her. I can tell you there is a least one skein that is still waiting to find a good home.


7 responses to “Knitting Outside the Box – Maybe

  • Suzy

    There is only one good yellow as far as I’m concerned and that’s the kind that involves Packer green & gold. I feel you on this one! And yay for Kim understanding…

    Though Kim’s understanding and your raving about her wonderful goodies are going to get me in to trouble very soon… I jumped off the yarny cliff and placed my first order back around Thanksgiving AND joined the Smart Ass Knitters World Domination Club… My only regret so far- that I didn’t have my skein of Have Fun Storming the Castle wound when I needed to start a new sock a couple weeks ago. You are so spectacularly EVIL! Thank you!

  • Emma

    I have to say, I’m not a fan of yellow either so it’s great that you got to swap it. That way you get something you really want. And merry Christmas!

  • Kim

    While I don’t wear yellow, I probably could find something to do with it–you, know, for personal growth and stuff! 🙂 This post made me laugh as my best knitting friend really abhors green-any yarn with green in it sets her teeth on edge–so when you mystery yarn of the month arrives from a local yarn shop here, I am the recipient of it. In fact my current post Christmas, picked up work in progress is one using green yarn I received from her! I am so glad you are getting something you like instead and whatever you knit with it will be gorgeous, I am sure.
    Merry Christmas–

  • babygreens

    I would have felt the same – I have had romances end prematurely after requesting that yellow gifts be exchanged for a different colour. The colour yellow just doesn’t feel right in my hands and I could never make anything in just yellow, though I can do the odd stripe in a gentle sunshine yellow. In fact there is a box of cupcakes going stale in the kitchen because Small Girl iced them in hi-vis yellow and I can’t bring myself to eat them.

  • myknittingcircle

    Ohhh, I Love yellow! I have some yellow wool and silk yarn that’s waiting for me to find the perfect pattern for it. But, I understand that not everybody likes yellow, obviously. Just as I don’t like reds and oranges. But I am glad that you were able to get it exchanged, after avoiding it for years and hiding it in the bottom of your stash, you would hate every stitch. And that’s no fun and not what your friend intended…..

    Happy Knitting and Happy New Year’s!!

  • Kim

    So guess what happened? Someone else who got the yellow was ecstatic because it is EXACTLY what she’s been trying to find for some time now. In fact she actually tried having someone else dye a similar colour, but it wasn’t quite right. THIS yellow? EXACTLY what she had pictured. And then randomly commented that she would make 1 skein work for the 2 skein project she I

    So your skein is going to a good home. And as o as I get home, I’ll give you exchange options.

    See? Was totally meant to be.

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