On My Needles & Between my Pages December 28th

On My Needles

I must admit that I am feeling a fairly significant amount of guilt about the fact that I am working on something for myself when I still have a few Christmas gifts that didn’t make it to the December 25th deadline.  But since the gifts are already late, the pressure is off slightly and it is allowing me the opportunity to do some much-needed selfish knitting while still making progress on the belated gifts.  So for myself I have been working on My Giant Flamboyan.  I actually broke down and cast it on before Christmas since my in-laws had arrived a week earlier than normal and I needed to have something to knit while visiting with them.  And since 90% of the gifts I had left to knit were for my husband and his family you can see the dilemma I was facing. The yarn is IndigoDragonFly’s Merino Sport  in “When I Bit him I Tasted the Ocean.”  It was purchased and dyed with this shawl in mind (although it will be big enough that I think “small blanket that I can wear” might actually be a more apt description of what I am actually making).  It has gotten to the point where the shawl is very slow going and I have no idea how many stitches I have on the needles.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ll knit to the end of the ball and start the second one.  And when I find myself truly not willing to go on, I will knit the six row border and call it finished.  (I guarantee that my inability to continue will strike long before I get to the end of that ball.)  Then I just have to figure out how to block the beast!


I realize it looks like a giant odd coloured blob right now. It's as wide as I can stretch it on the needles.

Between My Pages        

Even with the business of the Holidays and the frantic attempt to finish as many gifts as possible. I did manage to finish the first two books on The Hunger Games series and start the third.  When you keep in mind the age group that these novels were originally intended for they are very well written.  The author finds a style that is neither too childlike or too adult while presenting a brilliant social commentary that is clearly meant to be a direct reflection of the developed nations of the world.  Political injustice, marginalizing of minorities and the lower class, the glorification of death and murder and creating celebrities of those who commit said acts, and knowledge that the upper classes have gotten to their station in life on the backs of those beneath them are all major themes explored throughout the narrative of the novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first and second books, but I must admit that I am struggling a little with the third novel.  I am a little disappointed that the lead character is making her decisions (so it seems) purely on the manipulations of other characters.  And while I understand that the whole idea is to bring up the question of free will within a free society, I wish she had a little bit more of a backbone and didn’t have to be pointed in the right direction so often.   It seems like a bit of an oxymoron that Katniss is presented both as a young woman who was smart, self-reliant, and charismatic enough to feed her starving family and survive the game while still being too feeble-minded to make a decision on her own about her political future without a bunch of the other characters patting her on the head and showing her what to do.  Most likely I’ll be finished the book by next week.  I’ll let you know if she finds her strength and convection (which is a really polite way of saying I hope she grows a pair), by the end of the series.  That will really influence wither or not I can recommend the set as a whole.

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