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What the Hell is Tardis Blue Anyway?

That’s the question I asked myself when I first saw this yarn.  A beautiful shade of blue named Tardis.    It never stayed on the Indigodragonfly site for long and was always sold out before I had a chance to buy it.  I asked my husband what the name meant and he just shrugged his shoulders and we agreed that it must be some shade of blue that we were both unfamiliar with.  (Apparently this is much worse if you are the person who is dying the yarn and when asked to create a Tardis yarn you stare blankly at the person making the request).  It was eventually explained to me that it was a Dr. Who thing.  That still meant almost nothing to me as up until that point the only memory I had about it was the theme music from the early 1980’s scaring the crap out of me and my father no longer being able to bare the scene when his young daughter lost her little kiddy marbles all over the carpet every time the show came on.  Eventually he just gave up and stopped trying to watch it.  (I hope he gets reruns of it now.  I also have no idea what about the music reduced me to tears.  But it did.)

So I bought the yarn.  Not really caring that it was a Dr. Who thing and still not really understanding what a Tardis was.  But the yarn  came home and was destine to be Reunion Cowl.  Then a few months later I heard the line that changed it all for me.  “Whatever you do, don’t blink.”  So now, less than a year later, we are almost finished the fourth season and I am trying to prepare myself for the end of the Tenth Doctor.  And even though I have been told that the 11th Doctor is wonderful, I’m still dreading the change over.  It took me half a season to warm up to Tennant after Christopher Eccelston left.  But now that I like Tennant I hate the thought of anyone else taking over. Lets be honest Matt Smith looks like he’s 12.  Tennant has an odd charismatic sexiness that  Smith just can’t have. But I’ll have to give him a chance.

David Tennant as Dr. Who

Anyway, back to the knitting.  So the first thing that happened was my Tardis yarn went missing.  It resulted in me having to tear my stash apart and dumping half of it on the floor.  When I texted my husband to mutter about the fact that the yarn was not where I thought it was and I had no idea how it ended up where I found it he replied with “I think it’s great that the Tardis yarn when missing!! Now you know how the Daleks feel while they are chasing the damn thing all over the universe!” So I had to chuckle.  And then I stuffed the rest of the yarn back into what ever space it would fit into and I cast on the mammoth 330 stitches for the medium size.

And now we get to the point of this little rant.  T.V and knitting go hand in hand for most of us.  I knit my entire Lady Eleanor stole while watching Fringe.  Stargate Atlantis has witnessed the creation of many Christmas gifts for 2011,(though I have to admit Jason Mamoa is very distracting), and an episode of The Walking Dead produced Maggie’s chew toy.  It’s very rare that I watch a movie or TV in general without knitting.  Hockey is the one exception.  I will hold knitting in my hands and occasionally knit the odd stitch here and there when the play has been stopped or when they are in between periods.  I have no idea how I got through mindless hours of  tv watching before I knit and can’t even image trying to ever do it again.  It’s such precious knitting time. It’s also my answer to people when they say they don’t have time to knit – if you have time to watch tv you have time to knit.  So my question is, what does everyone else knit to? (And, is the original Stargate worth watching?)

Just one final thought from Blink, (btw-will never be able to look at those damn stone angels again without suspicion), “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff.”