FO Friday – Is it a Glitch in the Matrix?

I assure you that this is neither a repeat post or a glitch in the matrix.  These are in fact another pair of Lenore.

These were my Christmas gift to my BFF.  She has a rough knitted sock year and had to toss out a few pairs of knitted socks because they had been darned repeatedly and really try as she might she just couldn’t squeeze any more life out of them.  And knitted socks have that magic power that other knitted items don’t seem to poses.  Once you put a pair of well made, proper fitting knit socks on your little piggies, you just don’t want anything else.  (I feel the need to apologize to my husband at this point.  I will get socks for you right one day.  Just bare with me.   He does have a fine collection of hand knit sweaters and hats and gloves.  He doesn’t suffer too much.  I just can’t seem to make socks that work for him.)  And even though you know when you knit them that socks will wear out faster than other of your other knitting, it still a very sad day when the moment comes that you have to get rid of a  pair.

Like my other two pairs of Lenore, this pair was not without its drama.  First they were my third choice.  My first choice was Flaming Desire by Anne Hanson.  I had real concerns about the yardage requirements and as I have learned in the past nothing will make me more stubbornly refuse to pick up a project then the fear of running out of yarn.  I think I truly believe that I can “out stubborn” my yardage requirements and that if I ignore something long enough I will either magically increase the yardage that I have or magically decrease the amount of yardage required for the project.   Those were a bust.  On to pair number two My Vampire Boyfriend by Kate Atherley.  Those are still on the needles and I just knew that they weren’t going to be finished in time.  I do love them and they will be finished soon.   So with the Christmas deadline looming, I cast on these.

(I am not sure when these became my  fall back socks, but they are.  And after three pairs, I can almost do them in my sleep.)  And since I have made many mistakes in the past with these, there were things I remembered to do like go up half a needle size and how to do the yarn overs at the end of the needles without wanting to burst into tears.  And they went off almost without a hitch.  Almost.  After having turned the heel on the second sock and knitting about an inch of the gusset I realized that I had moved the entire yo pattern over by a stitch.  There is no way to fix that so it all got ripped back and reknit and they were finished and blocked and under the tree in time for Christmas.

I’ve seen them on her feet.  They fit well and I hope that lessens the sting of tossing out her own hand knit socks just a little bit.

Pattern: Lenore

Yarn: MCN sock

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