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On My Needles and Between My Pages January 11

On My Needles (or I have too many things on the go right now!)

As I mentioned in my Year of Projects update on Sunday, I really have too many WIPS right now.  They are spilling over into all areas of the apartment.  I even found a stitch marker  on my bathroom floor the other day which is interesting as it is the only place in the apartment I don’t knit in.  (It must have walked in there on a sock.)  So my focus has remained on two WIPS and there has been great progress on both.

First is the Reunion Cowl in IndigodragonFly’s Merino Cashmere in Tardis.  This is a very simple, almost mindless knit only really requiring attention when you need to count the rows between the Yarn Over row.  The yarn is a dream to knit with.  It’s both super soft and not prone to splitting and I love watching the way that the subtle colour changes are playing off of each other.  It’s perfect tv or after a hard day at work knitting and we did in fact finish off the fourth season of Dr. Who while I was working on it.  I am a little irritated that the yarn, much like the object that it is named after, does in fact seem to posses the ability to travel through time and space and I keep having to track  it down.  (Once it’s on the needles is seems to calm down and enjoy being knit.  The whole project has yet to go missing.)  The fact that my baskets and side table are full of partially knit projects has nothing at all do with that.

The second project is Flavia from the December instalment of the Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination club.  This project is currently a little daunting as each row takes a really long time so it feels very slow going.  I keep reminding myself that every row is getting marginally shorter than the row before it and soon rows will be flying off the needles at a much faster pace.  I noticed that at some point very early in the shawl that I unintentionally switched from the four row moss stitch pattern as it was written to good old-fashioned moss stitch, immediately decided that I was not ripping back that many rows and have now switched to that permanently.   I’m using this as my first shawl for the 12 in 12 challenge as I realized that Sharktooth was not going to be finished this month.  Wish me luck in finishing it on time.

Between My Pages

After a brief interlude with the Yarn Harlot’s new book, All Wound Up, I have returned to the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy, The Mockingjay.  This bleak exploration of a dystopian future is finally keeping my attention enough to want to keep reading.  (Thanks to everyone out there who encouraged me to go back to it.  It is improving.)  My Sister-in-Law also presented me with an interesting theory about the main character.  Katniss, as any person who has been through so many incredibly traumatic events, is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that is governing her thoughts and actions.  This is an interesting thought to ponder as it explains Katnisss’s blasé attitude in the beginning of the book or her unwillingness to commit to a specific course of action, and furthers the idea that all humans are a product of some from of manipulation be it from the government, society, or our own personal limitations.  Whether it was the intent of the author or not, it does add a very personal touch to the concept that society does not produce personal freedom and that under the guise of self-control we are all merely puppets in a large ongoing game that we have very little control over.

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