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FO Friday – My Giant Flamboyan: or, The Small Blanket I Can Wear

I hate being cold.  For me it’s one of the worst feelings.  (I will openly admit that there would potentially be far worse things to experience, like extended periods of hunger or cold due to homelessness or pain that can’t easily be managed with the assistance of modern medicine. But I have had a fortunate life and never experienced those things)  I blame my hatred of the cold on growing up in Northern Canada, where a hot day in the summer is 18C/64F and the average temp in the darkest moments of winter is -25C/-13F  before the wind chill.  And sadly, winter lasts a really long time.
If you’ve never experienced that kind of cold, I can’t describe it too you.  It’s impossible.  I can tell you it’s cold enough that I developed “seasonal asthma” which was in fact (as my doctor informed me) cold air getting into my lungs and creating minute ice crystals, thus causing the wheezing and the fluid build up.  I can tell you that when it’s that cold life sucks a little, being outside sucks a lot, and you’d better have a cushy inside hobby to fill your time. (Just to point out, I fully understand why the Swiss make such good watches and why Scandinavian knitting developed they way it did.  You want your hobbies as complicated as possible when you’re up against that kind of cold.)  All this is to point out why I hate the cold so very much.

It’s also why I knit a Flamboyan big enough to use as a small tent. This is it, in its unblocked glory.

Close up of the detailing in the middle of the shawl

It’s already huge.  When it gets blocked this weekend and gains more width and length it should be aproximately the size of a small circus tent, and I firmly expect to find three rings of excitement happening under it one morning.  But, it’s serving its purpose.  It’s big.  It’s super warm.  It’s perfect and just what I wanted.  And the best thing is, it’s my first official FO of 2012!

Pattern: Flamboyan by Stephen West (To the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)
Yarn: Sport merino in When I Bit Him I Could Taste the Ocean. (IndigoDragonfly.  Also again, to the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)

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