On My Needles and Between My Pages January 18

One My Needles

I am very proud of myself for the knitting week I have had. Even though temptation abounded (there’s are rant about that tomorrow), I was very good and did not cast on anything new. I focused on the WIPS and did manage to decrease the number by one.  I finished the Reunion cowl on Sunday.  I also joined the dishcloth challenge, and finished my first cloth.  (And yes I realize that was something new but it’s small and fast and took less than two hours. Just let me have that.)

My apologizes for the repeat picture. It still looks more or less the same, just slightly bigger.

So my focus has now shifted to Flavia. It is the second shawl that I cast on for the 12 in 12 challenge. (Sadly the first one is not finished, just being ignored. It wasn’t working for me right after Christmas, but I’ll get back to it). And here’s what I can tell you about it. This shawl is driving me slowly crazy. (Okay, crazier than normal.)  The big problem is a huge cast on, followed by rows and rows and rows of seed stitch seed.  For those of you not familiar with seed or moss stitch, it is a knit stitch followed by a purl stitch across the row. Each row alternates what stitch it starts with to create a fabric that is very textured and very pretty.  It’s not hard, it’s just incredibly time consuming as every for every one stitch you make you have to do two actions (creating the stitch and then moving the yarn to the front or the back of the work), which will slow down the fastest knitter.  Add to that each row is huge and even though I have completed just over ten wrapped stitches on each side, I am still waiting for the magical moment when each row doesn’t take me forever.  The bottom line is this: it is a lovely shawl and I am going to be very happy to have it when it’s finished.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern.  It is well written, concise and clear.  It’s just reminding me that underneath everything, I am an impatient person and this is a little test of wills between me and the seemingly never ending short rows. I hope that by the time I write this next week, that I have exciting progress to share. If I’m really lucky, I’ll be dealing with the 310 stitch border.

Between My Pages

There wasn’t a lot of reading this week. Time didn’t really allow for it. However, the little bits I did managed to sneak in got me to the point in The Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Games, where I am finally enjoying the story.  After well over 150 pages of the lead character dithering about and remaining uncommitted and passive the author decided that maybe she should involve Katniss in the action instead of having her behave like a stereotypical clueless female. Also, the message in the book is clearly shifting to how one person can make a difference. For me as the reader, I am to the point where I want to be reading the book again.  It should go much faster from here on out.

For more great Wednesday stuff check out WIP Wednesday and the Yarn Along.


11 responses to “On My Needles and Between My Pages January 18

  • Allison

    Good luck with the seed stitch! It goes so slow for me that I avoid patterns with a large amount like the plaugue. Not only is it slow, but you can’t feel your way through it like you can with ribbing. As someone who does a lot of knitting while watching TV, it’s a big problem.

  • Natalie

    That sounds like a frustrating shawl starting point! I hate long rows (which might be why I have only ever made one shawl!)

    I have heard that Norwegian purl can speed things up, I’ve never done it so I’m not sure how, but it might be worth looking at it 😉

  • Martha

    I did a sampler of the seed stitch and found it tedious…so I wish you all the best! I LOVED Hunger Games…so you’re on the 3rd book and must be hooked…I thought the end was very good, hope you do, too.

  • Suzy

    I feel your pain. I’m stuck in the eternal hell of a 1×1 rib shawl collar that I swear is a mile long per row. Honestly I’ve never had the heart (or is it I’ve had a moment of clarity) to count the number of stitches, I know the neck edge is 60 or 80 and each side is longer than that. And I HATE 1×1 rib. But I’m sticking with it cuz I love the finished sweater…. I just keep telling myself that and hoping I can cling to it long enough to hate the whole thing before it’s finished!

  • sandy

    I hear ya on the seed stitch. I’ve managed to replace it on every pattern I’ve done and or not done it because it was seed stitch. Until, the current washcloth I’m working on calls for it, luckily just the edges and even with just that little bit I find it annoying. I wish I had just used good old garter for the edge; but will proceed, I think. Need to check out the washcloth challenge. I’m doing on myself, cotton cloth calendar challenge, where I make one a month for my DD (she requested a bunch), and each one needs to represent the month. Working on Feb and have March to complete the 12.

  • Lisa Urban

    I really like reading your posts about your projects and books. That shawl does sound pretty – I love seed stitch – but you’re right, seed stitch takes awhile (sadly) which is why I almost always use it in small things. Props to you for doing a whole shawl in it. As for the Hunger Games, I cannot wait for the movie and am glad you are finally enjoying the 3rd book. I never could get myself to like any of it, but maybe that’s because I just like when they are in the games and that didn’t happen in this one. Have a good week and enjoy reading and knitting 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Ugh seed stitch. So easy and yet so frustrating. I gave up halfway through book 2 of the Hunger Games because Katniss became really annoying to me. The whole love triangle thing was unnecessary.

  • eehknits

    I love your idea of doing WIP Wednesday, not only for what you’re knitting, but also what you’re reading. I just started my blog, so I’m always looking for ideas. If you don’t mind, I may steal that idea, though I’m not going to steal your title for it. That’d just be rude.

    Anyways, I was also going to agree with Vanessa about the Hunger Games,except I didn’t even make it that far. I barely made it through any of the first book. Just not my cup of tea.

  • chrisknits

    I am in ribbed cable hell on my Inversion Theory Cardigan! 4 st cable every 6 sts across rows of 130+ sts!! But I will get there. Eventually.

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    I’m impatient too that’s why I can’t abide knitting shawls! Yours looks lovely though, and seed stitch is really nice once it’s knit!

  • Andrea Morrison (@wonderwhygal)

    knitting shawls and reading…how do you do it? Audio books are my go to.

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