A 12 in 12 update; Or, This is Harder Than I Thought it Would Be

So this year I decided to embark on the 12 in 2012 shawl challenge.  I knit shawls, a lot.  You can read more about that here.  For me this will be challenging but not undoable.  Ambitious without being insane.  I intend to complete all twelve shawls and am happy about what this will do to my stash.  Right now it’s all sunshine and roses, (aside from the fact that my January shawl is driving me a little mental), and I am in knitted shawl bliss.

And then I go onto to Ravelry and Twitter and this petals start to wilt and fall off the roses and the sun peeks behind a cloud and things get just a little dimmer.  See, here’s the thing: people keep making new shawl patterns and I want to knit them all.  I want to knit them all right now.

It started innocently enough when I won a copy of the Walnut Grove pattern from KnitPurlGirl.  It’s a great shawl and the kind I like to knit.  It doesn’t have a bunch of lace so it’s right up my alley.  Simple enough.  I swapped out one of the shawls on my Year Of Projects list and added that one in its place.  I even have all the yarn I need for it and it’s going to be damned pretty when it’s finished.  Then the January shawl for the West Knits Shawl club dropped and I love it.  No real problems here yet.  I just have to force myself not to stash dive and cast on the shawl right freaking now.  And because Mr. West is already not a huge bundle of temptation for me on any normal day, he has a new patternoutside of the club dropping on February 1st.  I love it and it will look great with the birthday yarn my husband bought me.

Birthday Yarn!

This  may not seem like a big problem, but this now puts me in the position of having to really start juggling my list or saying forget it all and just add it.  I’m leaning towards the first one.

But that’s it in a nutshell.  I only have two hands, which do get tired sometimes.  I need to eat and sleep and go to the gym.  I need to work full-time.  All these things contribute to a better, happier, warmer life.  It’s a life in which I have a roof over my head and food in my belly and that makes me a much happier knitter.  I just don’t have enough time or hands and I don’t have any magical powers that would allow me to knit two projects with my mythical second set of hands at the same time.  (Though I do wind balls with my ball winder in my hands instead of on a table.  I’ve been told this is odd.)  I just don’t have time and I can only knit so fast, which is not as fast as I would like.

So now I have to juggle my list and fall into a fibre filled haze of madness and pretty shawls.  I’ll post regularly as I fall into madness.  Please, just pull me back if I go in too far.


7 responses to “A 12 in 12 update; Or, This is Harder Than I Thought it Would Be

  • Natalie

    I have nothing to help, but I wish you luck! I went on a casting on frenzy at the weekend, but no shawls for me… I also can’t knit as fast as I would like, and until the octopus genetic modification is developed, I’ve only got the 2 hands. I wish someone would pay me to sit home and knit (and by that, I mean knit for myself, not make things to sell!)

  • Erin

    I was just lamenting the fact that I don’t have enough time to do all the things I’d love to. It’s too bad we have to work, etc to keep things comfortable as you said. But if we didn’t work, where would we get the money to fuel our yarn addictions?

  • Suzy

    That birthday yarn looks awfully familiar… Like I’m pretty sure I just bought some myself. As Birthday Yarn! LOVE!

    And I am secretly glad to know you have the same problem you create for me- every time I click the linkies I add to my queue…

  • Ruth

    Love the yarn, it is quite delicious, I’d juggle if I were you, just like a job leads to food and warmth and a roof over your head to make a happy knitter, you won’t be happy either if your not knee deep in shawl knitting. Best of Luck with your challenge 🙂

  • Lisa Urban

    Temptations are so hard to resist. I get that way with my LYS when she gets new yarns in that I absolutely have to have then and there. But I bet you will figure something out and make all the shawls you really want this year! I love hearing your progress. Good Luck! 🙂

  • Underground Crafter

    I know about the eating and sleeping, but don’t you think it is really the working full-time part that prevents folks like us from being able to make all the projects we want to?? 🙂 How about adding them to a queue kind of like the one in Netflix that you can reorder any time, and as you finish one you can go to the next pattern?

  • Kim

    No help from me either as I suffer from the same “I can’t knit fast enough, there aren’t enough hours in the day” syndrome as you .The working full time is the real culprit of time stealing though. Hey, maybe you just need to keep swapping patterns out for new ones and as long as you finish 12 in 12, you are good?

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