FO Friday – Christine’s Little Lace Scarf and a Pattern

This year for Christmas I made my friend Christine a scarf.  She found out about it before hand when I found out she reads my blog.  We laughed about that.  I originally had settled on the Strangling Vines Lace Scarf.  I am not really sure what I was thinking since I don’t knit lace.  Sure a little bit here and there but not a whole scarf.  I realized I was never going to finish it on time so I morphed it into the final product.

Lace on the ends only! Speed up the process a lot.

I altered the pattern to only include lace on the two ends and continued the 3 stitch border throughout the SS middle section.  It went much faster and even with needing a heavy blocking it was finished on time!

If your interested here’s what I did. (I used two skiens of sock yarn for this.)


CO 42 stitches (I used 4mm needles)

K3, Place marker, K to last 3 stitches, place marker, K3

K 3 more rows

Lace repeat 

Row 1 & 3: K3, purl to marker, K3

Row 2: K3, *yo, k2,ssk,k2tog,k2,yo,k1* repeat to marker, K3

Row 4: K3, K1, yo, K2, ssk, k2tog, K2, yo* repeat to marker, K3

I made 8 lace repeat sections, (I repeated the last four rows eight time creating 32 rows of lace).

Middle section

First  row: Knit across row

Next row: K to first marker, purl to second marker, K3

Repeat last two rows until 5 inches before desired length

Using the same lace repeat pattern as in the first lace section, do 8 repeats of section.

Knit 4 rows


You will need to block this.  It curls a lot.

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