Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

It’s Getting Close to Being 11 in 2012

With only 7 days remaining in January I am pleased to say that the Flavia shawl has finally turned a corner.  At some point, I did hit that magic sweet spot where the rows started going faster and I felt like I was actually getting somewhere.  A single row stopped taking so long that my hands would get tried and I would get bored and start cursing under my breath about how I had entered knitting damnation.  To make matters worse, Glenna C, the designer, is one of my knitting buddies so I know that in the end the shawl is going to be beautiful.  And that the pattern is well written, so I couldn’t even curse her while I struggled through the nightmare slog that is row after row of seed stitch.  But even with that knowledge, here’s what I realized:  if it wasn’t for the 12 shawls in 2012 group there is a very real possibility that Flavia would be set aside…….possibly forever.  It would be sent to whatever that space is in your home that projects go to be forgotten about and where you can eventually block out the nagging guilt that is induced every time you see it because you don’t really have to see it that often.  It’s not the same place as the naughty knitting pile because there is nothing naughty happening here.  The pattern is not poorly written.  The yarn is not jumping off the needles, flipping me a little yarny bird every time I put the knitting down and walk away from it.  I have not bollixed up the pattern for more than a few stitches at a time and have always noticed right away.  In reality this is a very well behaved peice of knitting. 

But I have to admit that it will only be finished because of the challenge.  Maybe it’s a good thing that this first shawl is being slightly disagreeable.  I am hoping it means that everything else will be slightly easier and elicit far less cursing on my part.

Onto the edging!