Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

On My Needles and Between My Pages Jan

On My Needles

There’s really not much new happening here.  I suppose I could ramble on about how I have managed to cast on the edging of the Flavia and have moved into the final stages.  But, there’s not too much more to say about that at this point.

The dreaded blanket has made it’s way back to the table and I have given some serious thought to working on it.

The lace scarf is still sitting unloved, but I intended to tackle that as soon as the shawl is complete.

And Roam did get a little love.  I haven’t made much progress, but for me any progress on a sweater is good progress.

Between my Pages

I finally finished The Mocking Jay, the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  This book is a painful read at best.  It starts off horribly slow.  So slow that I almost tossed it aside unfinished.  Eventually Katniss, the lead character, becomes an active participant in her own story again and that leads to about 100 pages that are worth reading.  The middle of the book is very enjoyable and I was able to settle in to the plot.  Unfortunately, the end of the book is incredibly predictable and disappointing.  It is repeatedly stated throughout the book that the other characters do not know what to do with Katniss and really I’m not sure Suzanne Collins knew what to do with her either.  For a series that began with such potential for greatness it all really falls apart in the third book and I was left feeling very unsatisfied.  If you’re interested in reading the trilogy I strongly recommend skipping the third instalment all together and waiting for the film.   At least the battle scenes will create great cinematography.

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