On My Needles & Between my Pages Feb 1st

On My Needles

I am very pleased to say that the Algonquin is back on the radar and getting love.  This was originally meant as a Christmas gift for a friend and there was just no chance that it was going to be finished on time.  So for Christmas my friend got to see the first three pattern repeats and then she gave it back to me so I could finish.   To Tanya’s credit, when I started apologizing profusely for my tardiness she exclaimed, “it’s fine.  I can wait!”  Then the poor scarf, which had really done nothing to deserve this treatment, had a little time out.  But, I picked it back up this weekend and progress has been made.  And Tanya has been amazing.  She’s not asked about it or said anything to me.  I sent her a photo last night and she seems very happy with it.  This scarf has an interesting construction.  It’s done in two halves and then Kitchener grafted together.  I’ve made great progress and am over half way through the first half.  And, what’s even more surprising, is that I, the self-proclaimed non-lace knitter, am actually starting to enjoy making the scarf.  I don’t see any huge lace shawls in my future, but I am pleased to be enjoying making this gift.

Between my Pages

My sister-in-law lent me The Worst Hard time with a glowing recommendation.  She is completely right, this is a great book.  Part historical narrative and part fiction, Timothy Egan has struck a perfect balance between presenting the reader with “the facts” without boring you to tears and making each page seem like a chore to read.  Set primarily in Texas and Kansas during the depression, it focuses on how government corruption promoted the stripping of the land to turn the area into the next great American farmland, and instead destroyed the land and caused the overwhelming dust storms that followed.  Unlike The Grapes of Wrath (Which I really want to read now), the stories in this novel focus on the farmers that made the decision to stand their ground while it was literally blowing away around them.  I’ve learned so much about that time and space in American History from this book and since I grew up in Northern Ontario (north of Lake Superior), it’s not really something that they teach us in school.  If you like historical novels, read this one.  It won’t disappoint.


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