An Imperfect Cowl

My slightly imperfect completed Reunion Cowl.  Imperfect because somewhere around the 3000 stitch mark I realized that the direction ” be careful not to twist” may have passed me by.  So, of course I had to do three more rounds, which took the stitch count close to 4000 just to be sure.  I spent about 5 minutes muttering very unladylike things to myself, (I was on the subway at the time so I fit right in), and then decided I would call it a mock Möbius  and carried on.  My cowl is also a weird hybrid of two different sizes.  It something between the medium and the large.  For all it’s imperfections, it’s wonderful and works very well.  The first night I wore it out I ended up with it wrapped around my head, neck, and face when winter suddenly decided to make an appearance.  Sorry, no pictures of that.





Pattern: Reunion Cowl

Yarn: Indigo Dragonfly

Colour: Tardis

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