Dishcloth Challenge #3; Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf.  Two simple words.  On their own, they mean very little.  Just two simple one syllable words tossed together.  Maybe they stir up images of Little Red Riding Hood, or the  wolf that you used to occasionally encounter on your way to high school.  (Actually he, or possibly she - I never got close enough to check - was a very nice wolf and never did anything to any of us.  It was actually pretty neat to catch a glimpse of it and only once did I come face to snout with it so to speak.)  But, to a Dr. Who fan those two little words are neither innocent or friendly.  They make you know that something unpleasant is coming and whatever it is is not going to have a fully happy ending.  If you've seen the season you know how it ends and in typical Dr. Who fashion there's no jumping for joy, just a feeling that you need to Keep Calm and Carry On, or in the case of us knitter Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.  So really, I can think of no better way to punish that nasty Bad Wolf for all the trouble he's caused then by delegating him to scrub my dirty pots and pans!

Dishcloth #3 Dr. Who Bad Wolf Dishcloth

The pattern is well written, easy to follow and very fast.  Including a supper break, the whole cloth took under two hours.  If you’re a fan of the Doctor or know someone who is, this is a great little gift for them.  I used a 1/2 ball of Carezza, 3.5 mm needles,  and two episodes of Stargate Atlantis to finish it.

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