The Beasties are Coming

Nerd Wars Tournament four is in full swing, and I’m having a blast with this round.  This is my third Nerd Wars, and the first one that I am finally feeling like I am getting to have a lot of fun with.  Like other Nerd Wars competitors, my first Nerd Wars was spent trying to figure things out and learn my way around.  My second Nerd Wars happened over the months that involved Christmas Knitting, so I had to find ways to make my pre-existing projects fit into the parameters of the competition.  But this round, I have time to be creative and make things for whatever categories strike my fancy.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nerd Wars, here’s the scoop.  Nerd Wars is a place where knitters with similar interests can find their tribe, join up, and make things inspired by their chosen geekdom to earn points for their team/tribe.  For me it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  But you can join space based teams, the mythology focused team, focus on your favourite Doctor, or solve the mystery with the detective group.  Whatever your passion, there is a group for you.  And let’s be honest, we all have a show or genre that we know more about then the person standing next to us.  In this competition you get to take your geek and wear it proudly and even show it off!

Each tournament lasts three months, and each month challenges are posted in six subjects.  The subjects always remain the same, but the content changes each month.  Think of it like highschool math, and if you were like me and hated highschool math just bear with me (the comparison is really not that painful).  One week in math class you might be studying algebra and the next week calculus, but it was always math.  Nerd Wars is the same way.  For every category that you submit a project for you get ten points (five if you don’t quite finish in time), and you get three extra points if you can explain why the project is inspired by your geekdom.  I can find a ton of inspiration from Buffy and I’ve been having a blast.

My two completed entries so far are my Batty Dishcloth for the Scientific challenge, creating a single project that is knit is one piece, and a little heart bookmark for the Geek Pride challenge for depicting a relationship that occurs in your geekdom.



On the needles is Clink for the technological challenge and a Bunny nugget for the intellectual and team unity challenge.

More updates to follow as things progress.  Now if I could just get the songs from Once More with Feeling out of my head I’d be a really happy knitter.


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