The Dishcloth Challenge Continues

I am having a wonderful time with my personal dishcloth challenge.  I love the instant gratification and my little stack of handknit cloths makes me smile whenever I look at them.



I am having a blast knitting things that show up in some of my favourite tv shows.  While I would never want to knit a full size Tardis or a  Buffy doll, wiping up a little cloth that allows me to be a fan of something without looking like a crazy stalker is a lot of fun.

With the addition of my Batty cloth, a Nerd Wars entry commemorating the historic moment when Buffy meets Dracula,  my completed total has risen to four.

So far we haven’t used any of the new cloths, but I have assured my husband that they are for use.  I’m certainly not knitting them so that they can sit around and collect dust!

But there is more to accomplish with this challenge than finishing 24 cute little cloths.  My current goal is to condense both of these containers into one.  I don’t need two containers of cotton.  I really don’t knit with it all that often.  And when it comes right down to it, knitting anything larger than a dishcloth out of cotton is not something that I enjoy enough to want to do.  Cotton is just not my thing.

So the next step is to turn this pile of ends into a petal cloth.

The big one is just for backup. Hoping to use up all the small ends first.

These cloths are my favourite to knit.  They are fast, cute, and have amazing durability.  I’ve knit many and currently the cloth in use in my kitchen is one of them.  I’m not sure what the ends are any more, but they are all the same brand and it’s the kind of cotton that cost $1 a ball and that you can find in a craft store instead of a yarn store.   And, it makes great cloths. (Even if the colours do fade really quickly).  But, I have cloths that have been in constant use for almost two years out of this brand and aside from being stained new and interesting colours (I  don’t bother trying to get stains out of cloths, they just get tossed in the washer and then back in the dirty dishes anyway), they are all still in prefect shape.   Which is good, because there is a Micheal’s opening up within walking distance of my house and I can always get more there.  But, if I want to keep the cotton contained to one basket, these ends really need to go.

For more dishcloth mania check out

Ruth  the women responsible for this fibre filled madness and Kim who is has also joined in the fun.

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6 responses to “The Dishcloth Challenge Continues

  • myknittingcircle

    I’m right there with you regarding cotton dishcloths. They make great gifts when you just want to say a little something without make a great big to-do about it. I was afraid people would put them back waiting for a “special occasion” so I wrote a small poem to go with them.
    Another reason I like knitting them is because I can make one in a short time then go on to another with a completely different color yarn.

  • Debby

    Hi Keri, these look good…I’ve been making similar kitchen pot holders recently but crocheted in odds and ends of wool.

    I just wanted to say that at last I have managed to get around to paying forward the versatile blogger award you passed to me in October…it’s taken ages but at last I’ve done it. Thank it really made my day when I got it…hope it will do the same to others…
    Have a great weekend.

  • Erin

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve found cotton will hurt my hands after awhile because it just doesn’t have the give that wool does. I went on a dishcloth knitting spree a few years ago and as much as I love them and love using them, my hands can’t take it!

  • Caitlin

    lovely dishcloths… I just wish it was easier to get a hold of cotton here without having to order it in.

  • Michelle

    Cotton isn’t my favorite textile to work with either. It’s too rough on the hands for large projects, in my opinion. But these dish cloths are a perfect way to dwindle down that stash!

  • uknit2

    I just stumbled upon this post. I’m currently in dishcloth knitting mania myself! I am working on a dr who set. Love your blog

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