On My Needles & Between my Pages Feb 15, 2012

On my Needles

So I skipped last weeks post as  I realized it was going to read something like, “if you want to know what’s going on, here’s my post from the week before.”  It’s not that progress hadn’t been made, it’s just that not much had really changed.  This week I am pleased to say that the first half of the Algonquin scarf is finished.  Through there were moments when I felt like a turtle stoned on Valium would be able to knit this scarf faster than I could, it did eventually hit that magical sweet spot where I stopped arguing with every row and real progress was made.  I have also stopped referring to it as the “insert whatever nasty words you can think of here (and maybe make up a few new ones) scarf” enjoyed knitting it.  The second half has not yet been cast on as I got side tracked by my Flutter-by socks.  But, I know that a few days of a break will actually make the scarf happen faster in the long run.  I’m pleased with the scarf thus far and the yarn is super soft to knit with.  It’s  a pleasure to have in my hands.

Between My Pages

The Worst Hard Time is still holding my attention.  It is completely captivating.  Though I haven’t had the time to read more than a few pages at once, it is an absolutely engrossing read.  I am both shocked and intrigued by the conditions that people in North America lived in not so long ago.  The blatant level of government corruption is astounding and sadly not that dissimilar to what happens now.  However, the effects aren’t so directly visible.  The ability of Teddy Roosevelt to turn the tides of the depression is admirable and the history lesson that I am getting from this book is invaluable.  This book has yet to become boring or preachy and I am enjoying every page.  (Well, expect for the pages about the homesteaders having to sweep the centipedes and tarantulas out of there sod dugouts when the drought got really bad.  I didn’t enjoy that page much at all!)

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