On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

This weekend coming is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  I get to hop in a car with some other knitters and we drive for a couple of hours out of the city and end up with a bunch of other knitters and we all sit around a knit and talk and eat and drink and knit.  We laugh a lot.  We knit a lot.  And since this little meet up is the brain child of Kim (a.k.a Indigodragonfly) she or more correctly her man brings up tons and tons or yarn and seasons of Buffy and whatever else 12 knitters in a huge “cabin” could need for the weekend.  And he’s close enough to be on call.

I am trying to be reasonable about the number of projects that come with me.  And I think I have it nailed down to three.  My flutter-by socks, the craziness that I cast on this weekend, (more about that tomorrow), and the Oeste by Stephen West.  For that one I will be using one of my skeins of “Now Accepting Application for Minions” and the two gorgeous skeins that were brought back for me when my BFF headed off to New Zealand last year.


I am hoping to get most of the socks and the scarf finished, but I do have this little tendency to be overly confident in my speed and knitting agility so I’ll just have to play that one by ear.

Between my pages

Not much of an update here.  Still reading the Worst Hard Time and have also started reading Purification, the third book in a zombie series that I started reading over the summer.  I would like to point out that my music library and my reading library have much in common.  Both are very diverse and a little eclectic..  Enjoying both books for different reasons and will post full reviews when they are finished.

For more great Wednesday stuff check out WIP Wednesday and the Yarn Along.


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