There I Go Again, Questioning my Own Sanity

There was at least twice over the past few days when I’ve questioned my sanity or specifically my knitting sanity. (I question my own real world sanity all the time. I think the fact that I am a little crazy makes me more charming and endearing.)

The first moment happened on Saturday and though I’ve hinted I’m not yet ready to share what lead to that. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it myself.

The second moment led to these. This tiny mitered squares are the beginning of the sock yarn afghan that I first wrote about many many months ago.

It also lead to the purchase of this little container from the Dollar Store, so that I have my sock ends in something cute and so they are easily accessible when the urge hits to work on the blanket.
I’m excited to finally have this on the needles and since I have no expectations of when it will be finished there’s no pressure. I can make squares whenever the urge strikes me and ignore it when I want. And, I don’t want to purchase any additional yarn for this project. Everything in this basket is ends from my own projects or ends that other knitters have shared with me. I realize that only using ends will increase how long the whole thing will take. But the frugal side of me is more than happy with that.
So I’ll update when things are moving along and if any of you do feel the urge to donate ends that are collecting dust I can assure you they will go to a good cause.


13 responses to “There I Go Again, Questioning my Own Sanity

  • Knittin' in Britain

    Love your sock yarn blanket idea! I’m actually just getting ready to start one myself using another free pattern on Ravelry, (Button Quilt), and like you I’m not going to put a timeline on it and I’ll use only leftovers. Best of luck with yours!

  • Erin

    I have two projects going that use my sock yarn ends! You said it right when the urge to work on it strikes, then go with it. But there’s no pressure if you want to put it aside for awhile. I’ve been working on one of mine for years!

  • Suzy

    Perhaps we can arrange a swap… I have been thinking about the birth of my own sock yarn blanket and happen to have a fair share of ends, as well… Increased variety maybe?

  • Emmak

    Wow. That’s a project, good luck with it!

  • Alittlebitsheepish

    Hooray! I love my sock yarn blanket. It lives in a box by the sofa with all the little balls that are waiting to join it

  • Michelle

    Slow and steady wins the race… or so Aesop says. I love the idea of using only ends from past/future projects on this blanket. I have a pile of my own I”ve been wanting to do this with, but I haven’t found the energy… le sigh… I think it will be nice to revisit some of your old projects by using the same yarn, and watching it evolve as you continue to obtain new ends to add to the bin! It’s like an epic narrative that tells all about your knitting conquests!

  • Ruth

    I love your idea and the fact that its a no pressure project. 🙂

  • Charlotte

    I’ve seen Mitred blankets in a few of my magazines, they look great once they done. I think using only ‘yarn ends’ is a good idea, not only does it mean you get to use up a skein of yarn but you also don’t have to knit with just one, two or three colours. Making it a bit more interesting!

    Looking forward to seeing this little project take shape over the next few months 🙂

  • Lisa Urban

    I’ve seen a lot of sock yarn blankets, but never one with mitered squares. I love the ones you have and can’t wait to hear about the progress!

  • Greer

    What a good idea – blanket and container! Hope to see the finished project…eventually… x

  • bigmonkeypie

    I’m taking the same approach with my sock yarn blanket. I started it almost 2 years ago and it’s about 10% done. It’s great to have a project in progress that doesn’t have a deadline and is actually relaxing and fun to work on.

    I’m only using my own leftovers and sock minis I’ve traded for, too, rather than buying yarn specifically for the blanket. I tend to have a lot left over when I knit socks, so I have plenty to trade if you’re interested. You can find me on Ravelry as randipants.

    Can’t wait to see your progress on the blanket. Looks like you’re off to a good start.

  • Kim

    What cheery little squares and what a nice low pressure project. As I have yet to join on the sock knitting wagon, I do not have a much in the ends of that weight yarn. This is a project that is sure to give you much pleasure and relaxation over the quite some time!

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