A Wonderful Weekend Away

This past weekend was what has become the annual winter retreat weekend in Halliburton organized by Indigodragonfly for a few of her closest knitting buddies. Kim used to live here in the city and then moved out to the country a few years ago, but she remains incredibly close to most of us. So once a year a small group of us pile into cars and vans and leave the city, the spouses, and any children old enough to be mobile and make the pilgrimage to our friend. We rent a cottage and knit and eat and drink and chat and laugh and knit some more.

The trip begins by shoving everything we need into a van and driving up the highway into the country.

The van ride was filled with knitting and Tim Horton breaks but eventually we reached the cottage and this year we also found winter (which really has not come to the city this year, so we had to go visit it, too).

This is how a normal Canadian winter looks

Then we settled in and ate huge amounts of home-made food and knit and stayed in our jammies way longer than you would on a normal day.

Every year Kim brings us tons of yarn to play with and this year she even brought us little goodie bags.

Just a small sampling of what was actually there


The yarn wasn't part of the goodie bag.

I showed amazing restraint and only came home with five balls and all are slotted for projects.

There was a community knitting project this year and people could just pick up a corner and join in.

I finished my flutter-bye socks and wore them all weekend. (More photos to come of those). And I started my march shawl. (I’ll post that on Wednesday).


Hanging with my friend's sweater pieces

This year ended with a little adventure as we had to push one of the cars about 300 yards up a snow-covered driveway/hill to get it to the highway since CAA (roadside assistance) decided that we didn’t actually require help in that matter. We did get the car off the hill and it was a beautiful winter day so no one froze in the process. My BFF was excused from the whole thing as she is kind of pregnant and pregnant ladies should never push cars!


Victorious at the top of the hill!

A big thank you to Kim for bringing us all together! As always, it was a wonderful weekend that ended far too soon. We’ve already started planning next year.


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