Sometimes if You’re Really Patient You End up with an Awesome Story and You Get to Make Your Friend Cry

I am beyond excited to finally be able to share this with everyone. We (a large group of knitters) have had to keep this under wraps for months and months. It almost killed us. We have no idea how we pulled this off. But we did and as far as I am concerned it proves that the world is a better place for having knitters in it.

A few months ago our beloved Kim a.k.a indigodragonfly announced that she and her boy were going to walk down the aisle and join the land of the married folk. We were all thrilled for them. They are an amazing couple who deserve a life of happiness together.

Almost immediately the plotting began. What do we do for our friend? And within a short period of time we decided and agreed to knit them a blanket. We thought just to add irony to the whole thing we would use her yarn. There had to be a little scheming here as Kim knows us all and she’s a pretty darn smart lady, so we enlisted the help of her fiancée and set one knitter up to order the yarn from Kim. Well, our buyer was mighty convincing and Kim had no idea that while she was meticulously picking out skeins that worked perfectly together, she was actually picking out colours for herself.

So on a stifling hot day in the summer the blanket started to take shape and we finally presented it to Kim at the retreat this weekend. And, I can finally share this wonderful journey here.


It started off like this


And then we broke out the ball winders, five in total, and started winding


eventually, we all had our little piles to take home. There are about five people missing from this photo


At some point we all ended up with a finished strip


Then it was time to organize


We came up with this. There are two different sized strips in the blanket and everyone knew if they were knitting short and stubby or long and thin


When it was finished, it was shoved in a bag and presented to Kim. Note the confusion on her face. She knows we're up to something, but she can't work out what, exactly.


And then she was happy!


And in a little bit of shock


And then we made her cry. We got a little concerned 'cause she didn't stop until she hugged all of us


And in the end the blanket was finished. It was worth every second of work and effort.

Just wanted to point out, there is no pattern. We were inspired by something we saw and made our own. There are two sets of strips. Each had a certain number of stitches cast on and were knit to a certain length. I don’t know those numbers any more. There was also no rules for how the colours were used in each strip. We all just did what felt right.

Just wanted to add, we love you two. Our lives our a brighter and warmer place because you are in it. And I only hope that on some small level we all returned some of that to you. And I wish you many years of happiness and joy and snuggles.



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