FO Friday – Socks!!!!

Socks meet a very uncertain fate at my hands.  One look around at all the partial pairs is proof of that.

Yes, there are five socks in that pile. Five. In my defence the brown ones are very, very new.

But sometimes when all the planets are aligned, and the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining in the right place in the sky, at little miracle  happens and I manage to do this.


These are a finished pair of Flutter-bye socks in Regia world ball. This is a wonderful little pattern and knits up like a dream. Though the heel is just a little too big. Fun and simple yet just engaging enough to keep you interested. And, it’s very fast to knit. The whole pair was finished in 14 days.  Clearly, if more patterns were this fast, I’d have more sock pairs.

I entered these in the Nerd Wars last month in the technical category for a technique I had mastered. Since I primarily only make socks in Magic Loop, I am pretty confident in my mastery of that skill.

I am determined to finish all five of those poor neglected socks and even make them a matching mate so they will stop feeling unloved.  But for now I will revel in the joy that is another completed pair and another ball out of my stash.

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