No, they Really are just Bobbles

Nerd Wars is still raging on, and for one of the entries in the second round I immediately thought of a sheep dishcloth pattern I had recently stumbled upon on Rav.  What didn’t really clue into was that it had bobbles in the pattern.  I hate bobbles.  Hate them. They are Satan’s contribution to the world of knitting.  I knit bobbles once and pretty much vowed to never do them again.  I have repressed the memory so heartily that it don’t even remember what project I knit them in.  For some reason I have yet to discern, once I realized that the bobbles were there, I decided to knit the cloth anyway.  I mean really, there aren’t that many rows with bobbles in them.  How bad can it be?  My answer turns out to be: Pretty freaking annoying.  (Just for the record bobbles are not difficult, they are just tedious and annoying and they slow my knitting down.)
It really didn’t help when my lovely dear husband leaned over and exclaimed, they look like nipples.  Great.  Thanks for that, Honey (ed. note: Don’t look at me.  I got it from the Yarn Harlot, and I never would have known about her if you didn’t sit there snickering while you read her books.)

About 30 seconds later he caught me staring at the cloth and gave me that inquisitive look, so I explained that I was thinking about what would happen if I mentioned the word nipple in my post.  And about what kind of spam that might lead to.  To which he replied that it wasn’t even nipples, it was sheep nipples which should be a whole different, much more specialized kind of spam, and good curse word to boot.
So for those of you keeping track, I have mentioned Satan, repeatedly used the word nipple (ed. note: and now Harlot), and invented a new cuss phrase and I’ve done all that without showing you the cloth. I am on a roll here.  I could at this point just keep going.  I could just see how weird and ridiculous I could make my spam become.  But I think, I would rather just show you the cloth and move on from the bobbles.

Pattern: Knitted Bobbles the Sheep Cloth


The original idea for this challenge came from Ruth (and she sucked in Kimmery and I). Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

Check out our Ravelry group to join in the fun. It’s here.


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