Home and Back in Digital World

It feels like I’ve been away from my blog forever.  But really, it’s only been about a week and I had a really good reason for it.  My husband and I were on a family vacation in Mexico because as my in-laws discovered it was cheaper for all of us to meet there than travel within our own country.  (I’m sure that some of you will have your own thoughts as to why that is, but I can assure you the only person on the entire trip who could be considered even remotely dangerous was another Canadian who was on vacation for the first time ever without her eight children.  She really wanted everyone in the lobby bar to party with her and celebrate her week-long freedom.)

We loved Mexico and my only serious regret is that we were only there for a week.  Puerto Vallarta is stunning and fun.  The beach is amazing, the down town is fun and full of great shops and restaurants.  There are art galleries and crazy buskers on the board walk.  The food is very good overall (though I will say that the meat in Cuba is better) and there is course the best tequila in the world.  (And that last point makes up for the fact that the beer is down right awful.  I tried a local favourite of crappy beer mixed with Clamato juice with a splash of lime.  The beer was still awful).

I had the best morning coffee of my life.  I’m not sure what the coffee tasted like (I’m pretty sure it’s was just your bog standard hotel coffee) but I did get to watch the dolphins playing in the bay for 20 minutes so really the coffee flavour doesn’t matter one  bit.  But alas, I am home and finally feeling like sitting at the computer.  No knitting in these, but I thought I would share a few photos with you anyways.

The view from our room.


In the flea market. Loved all the day of the dead stuff.

The best tortilla ever. I could have eaten them faster than she could make them.

My Husband and my FIL sharing a Margarita. We had to cool off from being at the flea market. This seemed to work.


The only ceviche I have found that I am willing to eat.


Chilling at the beach. I love my hat

We had a wonderful time but one little note to all my fibre friends out there. They will take away your knitting needles and crochet hooks at the Mexican Airport before you go through security. Make sure you pack an extra book.
Anyway, off to start catching up with everyone else. Hope you had a great week.


5 responses to “Home and Back in Digital World

  • kimmery4

    I love your hat too! What a lovely photo–but what a bummer about the knitting needles, but I could be happy with the extra book too. I have never knit at a beach yet, so a book seems more natural. Glad your trip was such fun and welcome back!

  • Vanessa

    I’m not allowed to knit in Mexico? I don’t think I could spend my vacation dollars in a country that does that. 😉

  • Michelle

    I love your hat too! It’s very chic! I cannot WAIT to go on vacation. It always seems like it takes forever to get to one, and then it breezes by in a blink. 😀

  • Renee Anne

    Looks like Fiesta Americana in PV…….that’s where my grandparents stayed for years and years when they went to PV (seriously, they went every year for at least 20 years and stayed in the same place). I stayed there the last year they went to Mexico…nice place, didn’t appreciate my credit card number being stolen by someone working in one of the hotel shops. ::sigh::

    Still, I’m jealous that you were in Mexico while I was here…

  • Caitlin

    looks like you had a wonderful week 😀

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