On My Needles & Between My Pages March 28

On My Needles

Progress on Oeste has stalled a little due to the fact that I have become distracted by something else. (I know, that never happens! I’m so good at finishing one project at a time.) I will be posting the “something else” on Friday so I’m keeping that under wraps for now. But, I have finished the body of Oeste and now only have four triangles left to make. That’s not a lot of knitting. Each triangle takes under an hour so I am hoping to have the knitting finished, though probably not the sewing up, over the weekend. I am starting to have some yardage concerns surrounding the amount of Knitsch yarn I have left. But really, if you know me or follow my blog regularly you know I have yardage concerns all the time and aside from one glaring incident I have always either had enough yarn or found a creative solution to deal with the lack of yarn. I think for this project I am heading into creative solution territory. Either way, I hope to be able to show it off to you sometime next week.

Between My Pages

I am pleased to say that I have finished the final two books in the Autumn series by David Moody. I mentioned the third book, Purification, a few weeks back and finished it just before heading off to Mexico. The third is the conclusion to the story of the survivors who are attempting to flee the city. The story is well written and does briefly conjure up images of the final scene of Dawn of the Dead (though it is in not the final scene of the book). As any good zombie story does, this books becomes less about the dead and more about the human relationships. The series could have easily ended here, however Moody had one more novel in mind.

Disintegration, the fourth book, I read while on vacation. While I appreciate the idea that Moody took the writing back to the city to convey the story of the survivors who were left behind, I did feel like he started to rely a little too much on the gore factor, which did detract a little from the story lines about loss of humanity and evolution of the human relationships. I also found it a little difficult to completely have to shift modes to a new set of characters after having become so heavily invested in the charactors from the other books. These two things combined did make the fourth book a little tedious, but overall it was still a fairly good read. Moody is able to provide enough continuity in the timeline of the third and fourth books (you realize quickly that both books occupy the same linear timeline) to explain why things happen in the fourth book the way that they do and second half of the book becomes very enjoyable. It feels like Moody got his second wind to finish both the book and the series. The final paragraph of the book is truly haunting and you can’t close the book without one last cold chill.

If you like zombie stories, the Autumn series as a whole is a worthwhile read. And in four books, he never uses the word zombie. Not even once.

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