On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

The oddest thing has happened this week. I have wanted to work on Roam. I know at least a few of you remember this post in which I explained why I don’t knit sweaters for myself ever. But, I thought maybe it was time, so I’m giving it a shot again. I must admit, I did ignore it for quite some time, but this week it started calling to me and I picked it up. It’s not a huge amount of progress, but it is moving forward and I have visions of a completed back sometime soon. BTW – no massive knitting career ending mistakes yet. Things seem to be going well.

Between My Pages

Started and finished while on vacation, Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin is an odd combination of a vampire story and a love story rolled into one. I say odd because all the traditional aspects of commonplace vampire lore are present; the befriending of a human, the struggle to balance the nature of a vampire with the desire for humanity, the need to blend in or completely destroy the humans. But the love story is not one between a vampire and a human (though a strong friendship is eventually formed), it is the love that a mortal has for the river and his boat and a way of life that he desperately wants to cling to while it is slipping through his fingers. Martin draws many parallels between the human and the immortal and it sometimes feels a little bit like he (Martin) is using the story as an allegory for society as a whole and the want for differences to be put aside in an attempt to create a more harmoneous existence for all of us. A little bit of Tom Sawyer, Dracula, and Oliver Twist all rolled into one make this an interesting read. I’m not sure I can recommend it overall, but for an easy vacation read, it served its purpose well.

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